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    Prized Dale-Lands Steed

    Now that we are back to the usual month waiting period at the end of every Xpac, I'm back to complain on the forums because why not.

    Do the Dev's ever plan to fix the Erebor meta deed mount? The Dale-Lands steed has looked like complete and utter garbage since the horse texture got bugged with the 2018 Harvestmath update.
    I'm not sure how anyone managed to screw something like that up, but I shouldn't be surprised. ( With Anor being at 85, now seemed like a better time to bring it up)

    The horse has been black with yellow glowing eyes(exactly like the halloween horse of the same update) instead of the brown, fuzzy texture that actually looked good. It's actually laughable how terrible the horse looks now.

    Here's a link to both versions of the Dale-Lands and the Harbinger steed: https://imgur.com/a/lSVT92u (I'm not sure how to get pictures to show up here, so this is the best I could do)

    Is this something that will ever be looked into fixing or is it just another mistake SSG wants us to forget ever happened?

    Pretty sure I already know the answer, but it's more fun to complain at this point.

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    Bug or not - I like the black steed! I think it looks very distinctive.
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    Its not a LS Server Problem, think on the other Servers they have the same "problem".
    Question is: Would you ride the Prized Dale-Lands Steed if it had brown eyes and not the shiny Tabletennis balls?

    I do not - i had a look, and mount again my common steed - as on the Common Server too.

    Edit: I had a look, the Common Server Steed looks also with Glowing Eyes.
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    Yes, it is a texture bug on all servers, but I brought it up here because it's part of the current xpac that is the main focus of LS.

    That being said, the eyes are not the only part bugged for the Dale-Lands steed.

    Yes, I would 100% ride it, if it was not bugged. It was one of my favorite mounts.



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