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    Thumbs down Fix BA'S or delete PMVP for good {srs}

    Okay first of all how can any of you enjoy pvp with current state, nobody smart will play or pay with all thiis bs going but one stands most ba

    today i witness rank 15 lm getting destroyed and ba attacked first and its easier than you think , immunity snares pops up close, before that vital target plus barrage ,pot immunity brand again, heals ,bam over.

    snares is the cheapest and lamest skill ever with high damage and 3 of them cannot cure ,every 2seconds none can out heal that in combat unless healer in healing spec but wont be able to kill anyything

    whose stupid idea what to create all that and they channel with barrage with i swear longe rthan 40 m damage with ludricous damage and yea also fire trap in close for melee makes it worse

    snares,barrage often snares alone with othe rskills vital target shot makes it easy win for almost anything out there

    ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL me its just a game,

    Pvp died look at performance and balance, also community ooc fights

    just ssg delete it all its a disgrace

    im rage quiting it makes me sad to see how it fallen so low srsly comparing it to old days its just ... please delete it from further embarassment

    it takes 2 bas close on freep and pop 1 skill thats it , thats pvp, you cannot avoid, cannot cure cannot outheal cnothing

    what have you done its beyond disaster im out , will not parcicipate in this ciricus forum no mor e

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    Oh yea one more thing it applies same for group and pack of ba is even worse, some there will be nothing left but ba and defilers and maybe warg one and there

    its total bs, few bas lock one target nothing survives ,in solo unless unblievably stupid it takes literally immunity brand ,snares few skills pop, stun,repeat wait for CD, not to mention high ranked ba with store buffs and pots, all

    now this is how pvp dies with broken ba ,


    nobody sane will play pvp anyone unless totally desperate and addicted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post
    ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL me its just a game,
    Its just a game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post

    ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL me its just a game
    It's just a game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post
    ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL me its just a game,
    It's just a game
    Some freeps and creeps on Crickhollow, some creeps on Evernight. Recently also a casual Jogger on Arkenstone.

    Certified trash.

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    Git Gud lamer or quit, I don't really care either way.

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    I'm confused, please tldr this for me. Did someone die in the 'moors? If so, that's outrageous!
    Team Milt.

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    AGREED WITH OP! It's ridiculous that BAs have had snares/barrage (two moronically easy skills to use) in such an overpowered state

    In addition, Freepside in general is left helpless, as (for whatever reason) SSG decided to NOT give Freepside any abuseable and strong mechanics, so PvP is now dead, THANKS SSG

    I attached two images that demonstrate JUST HOW BUSTED snares are to prove my point.

    ~Rank 11 Loremaster, Arkenstone~

    ~Rank 14 Warg, Arkenstone~

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    I understand the concern op, but I'll tell you what helped me. Although it may not seem like it, the snares damage is lowered by phys mit. Across all of my toons I have 40% (my hunter has 50%) orc-craft mit. This lowered the snare damage by around 6k per hit. This also cut the steadfast barrage damage down substantially. There are those that think, "You have to have more morale since the heals are % based". The argument I use for that is, "You don't need big heals, if you don't need heals at all". If you have high morale and no phys mit, then the second a healing debuff (from VT) gets put on you, it's like you are made of a wet napkin. Clearly you wont be able to fight multiple BAs, but your advantage in 1 on 1 scenarios will increase greatly. If in groups, just clump together and spread the trap damage among the group members. To achieve this degree of orc craft mit, do as follows. Might and agi classes have a phys mit necklace from the raid. Max innocence and compassion virtues. Finally, 3 phys mit essences. As a side note I do not have the earrings from the new instance, but they will help greatly. Anyway this worked great for me. Hope it serves you just as well.

    Rastlyn: Burglar, Naltsar: Guardian, Reistlin: Hunter, Reistlan: Runekeeper
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    Did I step back into time or something?

    Complaints about gangs of OP BAs sure takes me back : D

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    There's no PvP in LOTRO. It's PvMP.

    Mortem Tyrannis

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    Why is the game enjoyable? It's simple really...

    from the perspective of a creep veteran, all the investment and hard work are done years ago - permanently.

    No grinding for new things every few months like freeps have to.

    The only thing is left is to enjoy, no matter how poor the balance is.

    Also, everyone knows barrage and snares are broken, you don't need to convince us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post

    ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL me its just a game,

    Creeps: Korn - Down In The Crickhollow(Crickhollow), Prime Evil-1 (Arkenstone) The Avengers Of The Gorgoroth(Brandywine)
    Freeps: Kor/Korth: The Dark Legion(Crickhollow) Southern Cross (Arkenstone)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayden102 View Post
    1 trap, 2 trap, 3 trap ...

    The best answer to the subject is that of Rastlan.

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    Sorry but this week a soloing Beorning has out healed/DPS, in one fight, 2 sets of 3 snares (all landing and about 10 overlap with 6 dots) and a barrage from a 3Pmit, 3Tmit, 5Pmas, 1xH4P2, R7, BA with 15 Audacity in a 50 second fight. The barrage was on for about 20 seconds, so 10 ticks. Had barrage for about a week.

    Add in that claims Barrage is not affected by line of sight I believe are currently wrong. Minstrels, RKs and LM have this week run behind the big rock on Grams and barrage has ceased. Smaller rocks a little further afield are also terminating the skill.

    Every class I have played against for the last 2 months or so has survived at least 3 dots from snares, so if a freep is not surviving them while others are then that is down to their setups/build/playstyle.

    Clearly snares are a lazy attempt by the devs to discourage melee attacks on the BA. LMs, Minis, Hunters and RKs have many ways to keep enemies away. BAs do not. Snares are there to discourage Freeps from going into melee range (sometimes they are used offensively). But this is not working, most Freeps ignore snares now, because they are learning how to deal with them.

    Likewise Barrage is a skill that gives decent DPS, at severe cost. No other skills, slowed movement when traited, or no movement when not. Add in that Barrage is still stopping traited Gash from working, and has done so for 5 years.

    Barrage and Snares are decent skills. All other BA skills are poor. Soloing my BA has died often within 20-25 seconds (well under 10 seconds to burgs who catch you in DG or Grothum). My maximum damage output (no delays, constant perfect DPS) without Snares or barrage is 6-10k meaning it will take 30-50 seconds to burn down a 300k Freep. Better geared Freeps longer and that is when they do not self heal. It never surprises me how many solo Freeps I have done well over twice as much damage (600-1100k, since Snares and Barrage) as their original health, yet they still survive. Meanwhile Burgs are putting out 900k in under 10 seconds, while somehow keeping me almost chain mezzed/rooted/stunned.

    Theoretically Barrage does 30k DPS (60k per 2 second tick), but you can do no other skills while active.

    Roughly Creeps have twice the moral of Freeps

    How many decent LVL 130 Freep classes do less than 60k DPS on average?
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