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    Shamefully Clueless Question

    This is a simple one ... where on Middle Earth can I find a reliable source of the task item Dwarf-Made Sword Sheaths? The Wiki is absolutely silent on this issue.

    I have slain my way from the Iron Hills to the Vales of Anduin and the drop rates I have encountered have been abysmal - collecting about thirty of them in an hour. I had quite a stock of these at one time, so I suspect I am missing a trick ... or something has changed in the drop tables and I am better off turning to Stone-abraded Skin to feed my Alts Tasks habit .

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    I found Stone Abraded Skins to be the easiest to collect, the hillbeasts in Iron Hills drop 3 to 5 skins per beast. I finished running an alt through Iron Hills earlier this week so I can personally confirm the current drop rate for the skins. The landscape around Skald's Drop and around the hill with the giant dwarf statue are prime locations for hillbeasts.

    For the sword sheaths, maybe the easterlings near Hammerstead and around/inside Utterby. I didn't put any effort into collecting the sword sheaths when I was getting skins so easily from the hillbeasts.
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    I think that is sound advice, Gareth :nods:. Drop rates such as that make feeding the hopper of a Task Boarding Alt a much more speedy proposition. Thank you.

    EDIT: And that is a 100 Stone Abraded Skins in something like 15 minutes .
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