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    Returning Player

    Hello I'm looking to start Playing again , but. afraid that there isn't much population or enough rp going on
    What advice can you give me ?
    Also i have the following expansions Shadows of Angmar Guest
    Mines of Moria Standard Rise of Isengard Riders of Rohan Helm's Deep What other expansions i need to buy?
    I wasn't that high level when i stoped but i was rping a ranger scout from Rohan (lvl if i remember correctly 47?)

    Thank you for reading

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    Download the game and jump in, currently I believe all expansions are still open to all for free. A courtesy granted by the SSG team. If you also check out www.laurelinarchives.org you will see roleplayers writing up some of their recent adventures. This is just a sample of the RP going on.

    There is also a discord channel used by just roleplayers to explore storyline ideas, world questions and much more. This channel is good in that it is generally very lotro focussed, so you don't have to wade through lots of other posts to get what you need.


    There is a very active Rohirric RP kin at the moment called the Oathsworn, you can look them up at the Laurelin Archives linked above.

    Oh and have fun!

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    +1 what Khalis said.

    Good news is you don’t need to buy anything right now! If you have Helm’s Deep, then even if the free period ended tomorrow you would be good until at least level 95, especially if you are doing lots of RP and taking your time.

    I’m an alien, an illegal alien: I’m a Gondorian Captain in Rohan...



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