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    Gotta love the hedge maze.

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    Nothing beats The Shire, although I am rather attached to Tom Bombadil's house and Gollum's Cave...
    Lothlorien is also really nice...

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    Dol Amroth

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    The Green Dragon
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    The Morgul Vale! I have waited so long to get there and it does not disappoint. With it's evil intonations. I got the chills when I first stepped foot into this vast area and enjoyed every single dark locale. It was worth the wait and I love it!
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    My Favorite place in middle Earth is Ost Gurth !Nice Area!

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    My Favorite place in middleEarth is Ost Gurth!

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    Good ol' Bree!

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    Cool What is your favorite public area in the game?

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    If neighborhoods are considered public, I'd have to go with the Thorin's Hall homesteads. I absolutely love that area.
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    Have so many favorite places in the game, but I like Ered Mithrin and Járnfast with those epic musics now! <3
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    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    Galtrev - I spent most of my hours there - It's one of the best hubs I know regarding travel possibilities and crafting/guild halls.

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    Forochel, especially at night.

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    Ered Luin. And elf housing and atmosphere there. And if I go South of Celondim, there is this beautiful elf built clearing/terrace. It's wonderful and beautiful place.


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