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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 161

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    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    The 21st Hall.
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    The hidden grove in Enedwaith where the huntsmen lives with his people.

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    Red face What is your favorite public area in the game?

    I'm pretty new here but the Shire is everything I imagined and more! But surely I'll find many other amazing places as I go
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    Definitely the Shire

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    21st Hall

    I like the dwarves

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    On the Bacon's front page, in list of this week's specials: "Rapdi Craft".

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    As for favorite area, it's not the best, but I did smile the other day. I have a young toon doing West Rohan. It has been a few years, and I'd forgotten about the Three Bears' cottage. Cute.

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    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    Any establishment where they serve beer.

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    Hall Under the Mountain

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    I am a bookworm, I love legends and science alike, so it has to be the largest library of Middle Earth. Probably the Houses of Lore in Minas Tirith. Wish I could actually browse the books there and get lost in reading them all.

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    The world building in this game is second to none, and being able to visit all these iconic places in such true splendour is one of the main reasons I love this game. However I find myself most nostalgic whenever I have to visit Ered Luin. This is where I spent my first days in Middle-Earth, it formed my first impressions of the game and even today the environment and music bring back all those memories from 13 years ago. The wonder at Thorin's Hall, the pink cherry blossom in Falathlorn, and even the challenge of Rath Teraig. As much as I am in awe of places like Minas Tirith, Moria and so many more, Ered Luin strikes the greatest chord.
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    I know South Bree is always busy with bands playing outside the Auction House. That said, I really like Dol Amroth's swan fountain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zohal View Post
    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    The 21st Hall.

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    The Minas Tirith daily instances, both North and South are excellent

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    Judging by the amount of time I spend there, it should be the Bree craft hall...

    However, there's a peak way out in the middle of nowhere, with a nice babbling brook running down alongside the path... The fishing there is awesome!

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    I'd say the south entrance of Bree. There's generally some music being performed there.

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    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    Many areas are beautiful, it depends on the mood which one is my favorite at the moment. Right now, I would have to say Wells of Langflood with it breath-taking scenery.
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    The Pristine Glade

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    My favorite public area in the game is Combe (including the Chetwood Forest). I just really like how that town looks.

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    These Dunlending have everything within walking distance.

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    What is your favorite public area in the game?
    21st Hall.

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    Prepare the Warband Maneuver!

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    What is your favorite public area in the game?

    My travels have been limited, but I find the Elvish housing area and the surrounding landscape to be very lovely. (Couldn't find a good way to work the 500 LP in this time. Hmph.)


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