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    Black Book of Mordor choices (Spoiler)

    Spoiler situation. Turn back now.

    Who did you give your Black Book of Mordor to and why?

    Each player had 3 choices.

    Epilogue: Closing the Book

    1. Deliver the Black Book to Khîl Tale-spinner at his home

    2. Deliver the Black Book to Covadil in the Houses of Lore

    3. Deliver the Black Book to Karazgar by the flat stone at the Old Ford

    I gave mine to Karazgar. The player interaction with Karazgar had imo the most depth. I wanted to see how it would play out.
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    I gave mine to Khil, because I promised.

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    I left book in MT on main character, and to Karazgar on alt. 2nd was more fun and interesting

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    My main gave it to Khil but subsequent characters have given (and will give) it to Karazgar.

    I considered the MT option with my main, but when I saw the dialogue I found it to be a huge letdown with the book basically being put on a shelf and forgotten. At least Khil appreciated it, even if he was highly annoying in previous interactions. Since my main had actually attacked Karazgar when initially asked for the book (and was well on his way to winning when Elrond and company showed up), I figured there was no way my main would consider *that* option.

    The Karazgar option is by far the most entertaining of the three.
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    I gave it to Karazgar of course! He is the only one who really deserved the book, because he can probably do some dark sorcery with it or gain some power from it.

    I just thought that giving it to Covadil and Khil would be a lot less interesting, and I feel like I made the right decision. I hope they will carry on the story with Karazgar towards Gundabad and maybe he has learned some dark secrets from the Black Book of Mordor that made him way more powerful!
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