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    Imbued LI guide 2020 (U26)


    Website version has a better layout option -tables etc then here, but perhaps some could use it here.

    Ever since Minas Tirith not much has changed about creating your level 100 Legendary items and imbueing them afterwards. For this guide we’ll focus on keeping it compact and streamlined.

    Sources of level 100 legendary items
    Preparing imbuement (and legacy information)
    Imbuement and best practices
    Power curve of legacies (your level vs LI level)
    Upgrading your legacies
    Efficient farming
    Suggested route
    Editing your legacies or new LI’s
    Final note and revamp
    1 – Legendary weapon sources
    In short you’ll want a Blemished symbol of the elder king (FA symbol) or a Unearthed “class” “weapon” of the first age for 50 Gift giver brands from any Roving threat barterer. With the FA symbol, 2 emerald shards and materials a crafter can make you your weapon. This will function as the start of your LI.

    Functional there isnt a difference between a 1st, 2nd or 3rd age weapon. But prices have dropped so much (100-130 gold on Evernight) that you might as well get the FA symbol.

    Making sure you’ve the best passive stats isn’t worth it these days. They havn’t been updated in a long while and 200 vitality isn’t worth re-crafting LI’s for days (at level 130 you’ll have >30.000 vitality.

    For the next step you’ll also want some extra (any age) third age LI’s you can use as materials for getting all the final legacies on your imbued LI.

    2 Preparing imbuement and legacy information
    The hardest and most confusing part of imbuement is the step from the Li you created to your imbued LI. The level 100 LI is meant to be used for level 100. After (your) level 100, the level of your LI will not change once imbued or you won’t be able to get level 105/115/120/130 etc new LI’s. Normal weapons will be available, but 95% of the cases you’ll never want to switch to a non-LI weapon (even though the dps looks better).

    Before you press Imbue weapon you’ll want to have 6 out 7 legacies you’ll want on your final LI. Or less if there arn’t enough good ones for your class and role.

    2.1 Finding your correct legacies
    Find your imbued legacies you’d want (hardest one)
    Inspect a friend or good
    Look for a guide or reference picture of a LI
    Write down the legacies you see
    Legacy names have different names before and after imbuement. Some are obvious while some are not. Examples

    Bear form Damage (major) –> Bear form Damage
    Bear form damage you’ll figure out
    Grisly Cry Fear Duration (minor) –> Cry Damage
    Some will change completely
    For a full list of the legacies and their changes check out https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Leg...Legacies_Index For myself i made this little sheet on which i can copy paste the legacies i’d want with their names and mark them off when i got them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

    2.2 Getting your correct legacies
    You’ll have a fresh level 100 FA LI. This is the streamlined approach to imbuement (there are slight changes one can make, but this will be the easiest and quickest way to imbue).

    Identify it, add item XP till you reach level 60. Don’t add any other items yet.

    Identify your LI and check off which LI’s you already got (3 legacies)
    Add item XP to your LI to get 3 extra legacies
    You now should have a LI with 6 legacies take note of which you miss
    Remeber you’ll need only 6 out of the 7 legacies you decided on in step 1.1
    Next up you’ll replace legacies from donor lvl 100 third ages
    Any major legacies can be seen on a third age without adding xp. Start of with a third age that has a major legacy you need on your imbue list. Add enough xp to get it to level 31. Deconstruct it and take out any legacy you need. Preferably a minor one (easier to get major legacy).
    Add said legacies to your FA li till you get 6/7 legacies. Then it’s ready to imbue it.
    3 – Imbuement and best practices
    Once you’ve imbued your li you’ll want to add a few items to let it reach the full potential. First the few missing items you havn’t added in part 2.

    3.1 – Crystal of remberance and scroll of delving
    Add a crystal of remberance after imbue to get a blank legacy. This legacy can be used to select any legacy from a dropdown menu. Choose the missing legacy you skipped out of before.

    Add a scroll of delving to get an extra tier on all legacies (equalling 7 scrolls of empowerment). If added before imbuement you’d get 1 free scroll worth of delving.

    3.2 Anfalas scrolls of empowerment and crystals
    These buggers are you main way to improve your weapons. For more on why to add them check part 4 and where to get them part 5. The main thing to remember now is that these item unlock extra levels so that allows you to get stronger effects while the item xp actually give the effects. Each improvement needing 30.000 item xp.

    3.3 Item experience runes
    Heritage runes or item xp come from quests, barterers and instances. If you plan to quest for the forseeable future you dont have to worry about getting extra runes. However if this is a new or extra LI while you’re level 130 you will want to find extra runes.

    Sources for item xp
    quest tokens – Nearly all quest tokens can be bartered for heritage runes
    Quick instances – Halls of crafting, Grand stairs, DN are quick instances with lots of chest that contain 50-100k runes
    Current dailies – Minas Morgul instances at level 122 contain plenty of quests and runes that add up over time.
    Quickly maximizing select legacies
    You might want specific legacies to be maxed before others. Your DPS legacy, bear form damage, DNF cooldown will add more utility then a smaller one such a +agility or hunter bleed damage. The item xp added is evenly spread across all legacies (1st imbue around level 40).

    Maximize the current xp before adding/unlocking extra legacy levels. This will allow you to unlock 1 specific legacy to it’s full potential at a time. Using the xp you get focussed on 1 legacy. Do be carefull about wasting extra xp. If you use a 600k rune with only 30k needed the item will be fully consumed.

    3.4 Gems, runes and settings
    Every level jump since level 100 has added new types of gems, runes and settings to put in your LI beyond the previous Tier 1-10 items. Dont worry too much while leveling since each new type is far superior then the previous ones as stats requirement has inflated.

    One special type of rune is worth an extra mention Rune of striking, binding or enchantment boost your base damage/healing. At level 115 they only come from instances, but at level 120 and 130 they come in different qualities. Quest tokens, instance drops or raid drops. These add roughly 25% damage/healing compared to not having one slotted (at 130).

    At a later stage there are crafted relics you can add. The latest ones from the Vale of the Anduin in combination with raid and instances drop from Skarhald. Pretty effective, but also quite expensive or hard to attain.

    3.5 Weapon titles and damage types
    Nearly every legendary weapon comes with the Common damage type. And all enemies will have a higher mitigation to common damage then other variants such as Ancient dwarf or westernesse. But the one you’d want is Beierland. This has the least reflect from mob types or other averse effects.

    Each comes with some extra stats that you can most ignore (too low to affect you). So you can choose any nice name or the cheapest option you’d want. Except for tactical class items that can get 5% light, fire or lightning damage on them. For a full list of all options visit this wiki page

    4 – Power curve of legacies (your level vs LI level)
    A usual imbued LI starts of with 40ish levels unlocked for possible item xp. If you continue questing from level 100 you won’t need to worry too much about maxing out your LI at the start. It might even make the game too easy as the landscape isn’t meant to be taken on with a fully maxed out LI.

    Until level 120 areas you can quest with just a normal imbued LI. Past this level you’ll want to start adding crystals and scrolls to get extra damage and legacies. Don’t wait a month while you do Minas Tirith dailies till you cant see straight. Continue your journey.

    Your level Imbuement rank suggested
    100 0 to 40
    105 0 to 40
    115 40 to 50
    120 50 to 60
    130 Depends on class, but 63+
    Based on https://lotroplayers.com/2019/08/30/...ry-system-v-2/
    5 – Upgrading your legacies
    You’ve chosen to upgrade your damage and skill legacies. This is usually done by either Star-lit Crystals for dps/healing or Scrolls of empowerment for skill legacies. Usually with Anfalas versions of these.

    These can be gotten from game resources, instances or the store (quite expensive). We’ll focus on repeatable sources as you’ll need plenty of those.

    5.1 Sources of crystals
    For a full list see this wiki page

    Source Solo Rated as
    Festival tokens yes Slow, easy
    Big battles yes(ish) Decent
    Rakothas runs no Quick, but group + locks
    Throne raid no Longer, but more per lock
    Motes of enchantment yes See notes level 115+
    Embers of enchantment yes See notes, max level
    The classic way to get crystals is through a mix big battles and Rakothas or festival if you want to avoid groups. In update 26 the motes and embers option got added (see 5.3)

    5.2 Sources of scrolls
    For a full list see this wiki page

    Source Solo Rated as
    Daily quest yes Classic source
    Big battles yes(ish) Decent
    Rakothas/throne no Coins used for other
    Relic master or skirmish camp yes Expensive
    Motes of enchantment yes See notes level 115+
    Embers of enchantment yes See notes, max level
    The classic way to scrolls is a mix of dailies in Minas Tirith and Osgiligath, Featured instance run (if quick runs are available) with big battles and other instances supplementing your supply. In update 26 the motes and embers option got added (see 5.3)

    5.3 Motes and ember option
    In update 26 to alleviate the need to grind older content for crystals and scrolls SSG added the option to use the level 115+ currency as an alternative. These are a great way to aquire them quickly for players with alts or secondary LI’s. To aquire motes and embers you need access to a good geared character or have later area’s dailies and weeklies unlocked.

    These scrolls also come come with a maximum tier of legacy they can be used on. Less then 10 tiers below the maximum (enough for questing and instancing).

    5.4 Efficient farming
    Each option will come at a time spent or a limit on how many times you can run them. Below you’ll find a list of the best option to get the scrolls or crystals

    Minas Tirith dailies
    3 quest areas which give you tokens you can exchange for Smith tokens of which 4 give you 1 scroll. Focus on the north gate and south gate leaving the cisterns only if you really have to.

    Featured instances
    The current rotation makes these hardly worth the time spent. Each instance will give you 0-2 (lower level) or 1-3 scrolls and some embers for the challenge. Only run these for fun or if it’s School of Thram midraim.

    Big battles
    Pelagrir gives the most quests and the most merits. The other ones drop off quite quickly in efficiency. Less quests and jewelry has gotten worse past level 120.

    Rakothas and Throne of the dread terror (ancient ithil coins)
    Quickest source, but requires a group and decently geared main char. 6 man version reward around 17 coins which can be used on crystal (6), scrolls (3) or legacy replacement scrolls (see part 6). Can be upped by going with 3 or 4 players instead of 6. Or going beyond the 1st boss in the raid (more coins per char, but second boss is a pain).

    Motes farming
    At 100 motes per scroll and 250 per crystal this the easiest way to get your first batch unlocks. Motes come from dailies and weeklies in Mordor, Dale-lands and Skarhald. The instances also drop gear which can be ashed into motes.

    After imbuement, the scrolls can be used to unlock legacies through tier 74 and the crystals can be used to unlock the main damage/healing legacy through tier 58.

    Instances Amount Possible Repeat
    Mordor 60 per purple item
    80 per teal item Tier 1 purple
    Tier 2 teals Daily
    Skarhald 160 per purple item
    320 per teal item
    160 for “challenge” Tier 1 no motes
    Tier 2 teals only
    Tier 3 All 3 sources Tier 3 has
    2 locks per
    Weeklies 200-400 motes Takes a while Weekly
    Raids See before Untested
    Ember farming
    At 100 embers per scroll and 250 per crystal for the lower end versions these are a good source. The higher legacies come at too great a cost. use the other sources for the last unlocks. All embers come from max level activties and are also used to barter the second best gear. But priorities depending you can get embers easier then motes for most people.

    In addition, the Adventurer’s Quartermaster offers scrolls that unlock legacies through tier 79 and crystals that unlock the main legacy through tier 63

    Source Amount Repeat
    10 instance quests 500 Weekly
    4 completed instance 500 Weekly
    8 scourges/nazguls 500 Weekly
    5 floodfell bounties 300 Weekly
    Purple gear (instance) 100-300 3 tier 2 locks
    2 tier 3+ locks
    Teal gear (instance) 200-400 2 tier 3+ locks
    Teal gear (raid) 300+ Raid locks
    5.3- Suggested route
    How you spend your time or what options you have available is up to you. If it’s your first character focus, you got an army of alts waiting for Rakothas or got 1 really good geared character raiding the suggested route can be a mix of all above.

    First character
    Minas Tirith dailies, some big battles and continue enjoying the game. Mix in some instances and use your motes to upgrade you LI.

    1 main character
    Same as your first character, but you can start using embers, Rakothas and weeklies to replace Minas Tirith farming or other more time consuming parts.

    Funding a second weapon or character
    Do your normal activties you’d do, but siphon of gold earned and embers for extra scrolls. At the moment (U26) the ember gear is close to Floodfells, crafted or Boss 1 Raid gear. 3500 embers is quite a few scrolls and crystals.

    Try to do some extra rakothas, some extra T2 harrow/roost or a Glimmerdeep level 120 T3 for 400-600 motes (perhaps add in some Thikil Gundu).

    A lot of extra character or raiding
    Perhaps you’re raiding alot or have done a ton of Minas Morgul questing. Leverage those locks and extra crafting boxes you get. Gold is your best friend as well (on evernight 40-45 g or 100 g per crystal). You might not be the only ones, but sell that extra shard or item you’re not needing.

    6 Replacing legacies or new LI’s
    Some time has passed and a few patches have changed your class skills. That 200 vitality that was good for your runekeeper is now better served with a new lightning skill. It’s possible to replace single legacies without throwing out your entire LI.

    Imbued legacy replacement scrolls
    This item will allow you to replace 1 legacy with the same drop down choice menu as the crystal of remberance gave you. It will retain all the unlocks from the replaced legacy, but will need the item xp added again.

    These items are hard to come by (7 quest chains) and only have 1 repeatable source ingame (Rakothas and Throne raid). For a full list see this page

    However it’s usually cheaper to replace 1 or 2 legacies then completely redo a LI.

    Remaking a new LI
    Offcourse there are exceptions to the rules. If you havn’t added any scrolls to an LI and need to replace 4-5 legacies it’s going to easier to start from scratch. It’s not often, but for some cases its the preferred method.

    Example, you imbued a small rk stone with all 3 damage types with fate, will and vitality. The last update made lightning runekeepers pretty nice and now you’d want to do both, but you never really made it good. Now you’d want a full set of fire and lightning damage without healing bonusses. It’s going to be easier and quicker to create a new LI and add scrolls.

    1 legacy replacement scroll equals 5 crystals or 10 scrolls (which both got alternative sources then Ancient ithil coins or single quest rewards). It might be wise to spend the create a new LI.

    7 – Final note and revamp
    There are parts that this guide hasn’t touched up on such a the choice of not imbueing a legendary weapon, using a normal weapon for certain skills or truly maximizing a LI (see passive stats). These will come into play at the far top end of gameplay. A normal LI will be more then enough. Especially with the games ever changing patches and gear.

    Legendary item revamp (soon ‘tm)

    A request to change the way LI works has been asked for since the dawn of men. But atleast it’s a bit more tangible this year. Don’t stop upgrading your LI cause it’s still a good few months away (or who knows). Here is what we know (and deduce) from the little information we’ve so far.

    We are also looking at more substantial changes for later in the year. It is important for us that the players feel that their progress on their Legendary Items carries forward into the new system, and we are discussing design changes with that in mind.

    On stream the current design change is an “essence-like” system. Which i translate as flexible socketing system like the virtues instead of the rigid LI’s we’ve now. You’d use 1 weapon in which you add or replace legacies as you’d do with essences now.

    This could be tied to your class tree on switching or a weapon wit

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    First of all, great work in putting all the info in one place

    Just want to add some minor corrections:

    1) First, level your LI to 30 - Do not level it to 60/70 before replacing all the legacies - you risk to waste reforges on a legacy that might get replaced - thus effectively wasting emp. scrolls.

    2) Use Remembrance before imbuement, if you have a legacy scroll to add to the slot (from a deconed LI) - it will save you 1 emp. scroll (+1 from delving will affect 7th legacy if it's not empty).

    3) Use Delving before imbuement - it will ALWAYS add +1 to all legacies - before or after doesn't matter for this effect (in effect after imbuement); Using it before saves you 1 (from the additional reforge) emp. scroll;

    4) Use 3 star-lits on 2-handed LIs and class items which have non-percentage based passives before imbuement - it adds a minor increase on rating-based passives.

    These are just minor corrections, relevant only for minmaxing, as in the grand scheme of things saving 2-3 emps is nothing. Just adding the above points for the sake of completeness.

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    My experience with this matches the OP not this correction:

    3) Use Delving before imbuement - it will ALWAYS add +1 to all legacies - before or after doesn't matter for this effect (in effect after imbuement); Using it before saves you 1 (from the additional reforge) emp. scroll;

    Given the conflicting information out there concerning this I tested on an alt hunter of mine. Doing the delving before only gave me +1 for a single legacy. Doing it after gave me the +1 on all of them. I am open to better information, and welcome it since I have a lot of alts I'm reworking now that I can use motes. But my experience is about a week old.

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    The +1 on all legacies does in fact apply regardless of when delving is used - before or after imbuement. It's very easily testable given the availability of TA 100 LIs and delving scrolls. But ok, It's valid to not just take my word on it, so here's some screenshots from 5min ago - Two TA LIs, 1 with delving, 1 without - screenshots before and after imbuement. Notice the legacy tiers, namely the t1 and t6, as well as the main legacy.

    With Delving

    Without Delving

    But as i said in my previous post, +/- 1 or 2 emp. scrolls such a little difference, that it doesn't really matter, but when you can save them, why not

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    Cool. Obviously I missed something when I was imbuing last week. Thanks for the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirle View Post
    On stream the current design change is an “essence-like” system. Which i translate as flexible socketing system like the virtues instead of the rigid LI’s we’ve now. You’d use 1 weapon in which you add or replace legacies as you’d do with essences now.

    This could be tied to your class tree on switching or a weapon wit
    Wow this is huge. Why aren't more people talking about this? Oh right, because it was tucked away in some obscure livestream...
    Do you have the original source (link?) where that preview came from? This really does sound like a big improvement for the LI system, this much flexibility would be amazing.

    Thank you for putting this guide together, and for this bit of information too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirle View Post
    Don’t wait a month while you do Minas Tirith dailies till you cant see straight. Continue your journey.
    Really needed to hear this, thanks!

    Excellent guide, especially in context of what to expect between 100 - 130. I'm a fresh 100 taking my time to enjoy questing, so it's good to be aware there's plenty of options later for getting SoE that don't involve level 100 content.

    This part caught my eye:

    Quote Originally Posted by squirle View Post
    On stream the current design change is an “essence-like” system. Which i translate as flexible socketing system like the virtues instead of the rigid LI’s we’ve now. You’d use 1 weapon in which you add or replace legacies as you’d do with essences now.

    This could be tied to your class tree on switching or a weapon wit
    Looks like I don't have to agonize as much choosing my 7 LI legacies to imbue, if they move to a free-slot system and let any legacies be "leveled" and "slotted" like virtues. Ultimately a win for both players and SSG, as it means "more grind for more freedom". Now let's hope they don't bonk it up
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