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    Class Trait Point Questlines

    I used the lv105 Aria of Valar to level my character, and I'm trying to go back and complete the trait point quests in Rohan. I can't for the life of me figure out how to start the quest chains though! I apparently have to complete chains that start with "Into the Stonedeans" and "Into Broadacres", but I can't find the quest npcs anywhere, and in trying to follow advice on these forums, none of the npcs people list have any quests for me.

    Where do I begin?

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    Look on the Class Trait Points page on lotro-wiki: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Class_Trait_Point

    Find the "Rohan Quests and Deeds" section.

    Click each quest; read the Walkthrough & Notes section to find prerequisites for the quest.
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    There is a bridge going from east rohan to west near entwade. If you go there from east rohan's side you will find the first quest for rohan. I spent a few days doing quests around the area so I am not sure which ones you absolutely need to complete, but I would finish entwade quests, move on to edoras, finish some quests there together with the book and then talk to a npc with the vector quests. If you take To the Broadacres you then have to complete all quests in the area, which will then move you on To the Stonedeans for the other point.

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    The easiest way to start the West Rohan questline is to use the item "summons to the Entwade" which looks like a festival port map in your inventory. You will then be started on your way. At least that is how I did it on my three Valar 105 chars.
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