Every year, when the fireworks launch, the sky in Bree gets darkened. But not because of an ancient evil, ill omens or Gandalf bringing the eagles – no, dozens of colourful kites are coming together to celebrate the most remarkable birthday of the year.

Got interested? Then here are the most important information for you:


Server: Gwaihir
WHEN: Friday, 24th April, 7.30 PM (CEST) // 1.30 PM (Servertime)
START: Fireworks area in Northern Bree
ROUTE: Fireworks area – Prancing Pony – Boar Fountain – Stone Quarter - Bree-Town Hall - Auction Hall (in slow-walking mode about 8 to 9 minutes)

And here are some great news for everyone who's keen on outfitting and cosmetics: this time (the very first time, actually) there's some kind of voluntary dresscode and it's: BEACHPARTY!
I'm looking forward to some great outfits you'll create.

(I'll allready be there at about ~7PM CEST, so you can change dynamic layers if necessary. We won't have a captain for summoning people because Bree is easily reachable for everyone.
Please take note that the start of our walk could be delayed by about 10-15 minutes, depending on how many players text me that they're on the way. Nevertheless, please try to be punctual.
All further information will be announced in „World“ , „Regional“ ( = Bree) as well as „Say“-Channels. Please keep an eye on these ones. In case of any upcoming questions, you can contact 'Nimaraen' ingame)