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    Cosmetic Outfits in the Collections Tab Suggestion!

    Cosmetic Outfits in the Collections Tab Suggestion

    Wouldn't it be great to see the Cosmetic Outfits in the Collections Tab in Lotro

    I can tell you I would love to see this happen,
    I know this has been talked a bit about before in the past, I would love to see it happen!

    I wouldn't even mind if there was a specific amount to pay to open up the panel to be able to use it just like the Wallet for exactly

    Options I would love to see
    Everything just like the Wardrobe but in the collections panel, Once you add it in, It cannot be removed and another cannot be added in, Just make it just like a Pet Tome or a Mount Tome

    Pros for Players:
    1.) Players can add Cosmetics to their Cosmetic tab in the Collections tab

    2.) Once added they cannot be added again and accidentally overwrite the colors

    3.) Once added they cannot be removed at any time they are permanently added which will also protect the colors

    4.) Once added you can see the picture like the Mount, Emote, Pets area in the collections

    5.) Once added you can add all colors just like you could in the Wardrobe

    6.) Convenience of Accessing your Cosmetics from anywhere just like your Pets, Mounts, Emotes

    7.) No More having to Store your Cosmetics if you try to keep them like I do after putting them in your Wardrobe which now gives you more space to use.

    Cons for Players:
    1.) Players would lose access to the Wardrobe as the Collections Tab would take over

    2.) Those players that did Not keep their cosmetics would have to get them again in order to add them to their collections tab, Yes I know that this could present an issue for some members and not make them exactly happy, But think about the possibilities in the long run of having access to Every single cosmetic if you put your mind to it to each each one of them.

    3.) Players could No Longer use the cosmetic in their wardrobe and then trade it off for gold or get rid of it, they would have to use it in the cosmetic tab in collections and once used it would disappear.

    Pros for Standing Stones:
    1.) Standing Stones Makes Money on some members and uses points on other members that have either purchased or earned them, either way Lotro will make money on people in the game on it as it would have to be purchased to use it just like the wallet just charge something in value to 6-7 Wardrobe slots to open it, which is a good amount and anybody wanting this option could pay it.
    Current Wardrobe slots cost is: 595 points each
    7 slots = 4,165
    10 slots = 5,950
    I know that there is Tons of Slots If Standing Stones thinks they need to charge more then so be it but it needs to be a Realistic price that all the members can look at and pay when thinking about it. But again this is Now going to hold All of the cosmetics so it is a Wonderful deal for the Players!

    If Standing Stones put anywhere from 7-10 slots cost on the Shared Wardrobe then that would be more than enough to make them happy as well as the Players Ecstatic that they can now deal with their wardrobe easily in their account

    I am willing to pay to unlock this and I know others that would as well for opening this like the Wallet

    2.) Standing Stones can make this so that you have to physically Use the Cosmetic to add it to your collection, that makes it so you cannot trade, sell or anything once you use it.
    Note: Once added to Collections it is permanent like a Mount or Pet or Emote Tome and cannot be removed

    3.) Standing Stones could also make it so that it is locked to per Character or if i had my preference I would say per Server, Also make it so that when the cosmetic is added/used that it disappears as mentioned previously so that they cannot be shared anymore in that regard and you have to get them individually if you want them just like the pets and emotes and most of the mounts do unless you are purchasing from the lotro store.

    4.) Standing Stones at this point can now start selling Account Wide Cosmetics as well as regular cosmetics per character if they decide they want to charge a good amount for one and make it quick and easy from something players really like.

    5.) Also because of this for Standing Stones you have reduced Items physically in the game so you don't have somebody loading up with mass storage, house, bank, inventory and all that on every single character in the game as they add them into the collections panel for Cosmetics which Reduces Lag for the game as Every single item in the game is contributing to it.

    6.) You have now made Cosmetics Rarer in the game so that more players now have to earn them instead of trading the cosmetic around.

    Cons for Standing Stones:

    Really there isn't any, they are going to benefit highly from this all the way around but here is one to add to the list.

    1.) Standing stones will have to have the programmer actually edit and create the extra part of the script, But since the system is already in place for Pets, Mounts, Emotes already it should be a simple matter to encode the other in it will just be a little task intensive to get it going
    Note: Once this is built in it is just like the other scripts and can easily be added to as new items are incorporated into the game

    Decorations Collections Tab
    I would also Highly Recommend this on Decorations as well, At that point I could collect each and every single decoration in the whole entire game which always makes it so that i spend more time in the game and usually spending more money which I usually do anyway and also because some of these Decorations can be Store only and not even available in game. which is Beneficial for Standing Stones.

    Hopefully this is something that can work and move forward with! Figured I would put it in with my best submission on it, really hope I covered everything, Hopefully everyone likes this!

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    I didn't read through your whole post but in general I love the idea of expanding the collections tab. Cosmetics? YES! I also think they should add a global quest and deed tracker in there, so you can see the # of quests/deeds you have completed in each region out of the total possible.

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    Wonderful glad to hear you like it as well I believe it would be a Fantastic addition to Lotro!!

    Absolutely agree with being able to see all the quests and deeds you have done and how many left, It would really make me want to get each of them that I possibly missed!



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