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    Healthiest vegitable? BACON!!!!

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    Cabbage. You can roast em, you can stuff em, you can use them as bowling balls to see if you can knock down as many hobbits at once as possible.

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    Green Onion, obviously. So many uses, and it improves most dishes.
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    Ya'll seem to be forgetting


    Boil'em, Mash'em, stick'em in a stew

    Tater, final answer

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    Taters, precious. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.

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    What is the healthiest vegetable in Middle-earth?

    Lembas?! No, wait, that is not a vegetable...
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    The answer is: Taters! "What is taters, precious!?" I'm glad you asked. It's Po-ta-toes! boil'em mash'em stick'em in to a stew! Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish!
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    Thumbs up Healiest Vegtable..

    The healthiest veggies of course carrots..good for the skin and eyes to see the mobs coming at you!

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    What is the healthiest vegetable in Middle-earth?

    Carrots, I suppose.
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    What is the healthiest vegetable in Middle-earth?

    I dunno about healthiest, but the giant asparagus in Eryn Lasgalen sure help keep us from getting lost!

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    What is the healthiest vegetable in Middle-earth?

    My pet Gourd-Lurker! He's got a great colour.
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    I don't eat green things

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    First off, 'healthy' and 'healthful' are not the same thing. A poisonous sea slug may be quite healthy, in the prime of life, but not very healthful for a human being to eat. After doing some quick research...

    Garlic, a species of onion, appears a strong contender for the most healthy picked vegetable. In a dry environment an unbroken bulb can last 6 months or more. Every other vegetable I looked at begins to decompose much more quickly. Cultivation of garlic began in ancient times and was a common food for poor Romans. Now you know why many Gondorians smell like garlic.

    Kale, a type of loose leaf cabbage, probably wins as the most healthful vegetable for human beings. By volume, kale contains more nutrients than other contenders such as spinach and broccoli. Cultivation of kale began around 2000 BC along the eastern Mediterranean. Gondorians probably grow kale.

    A colony of quacking aspen trees in Utah of the United States may deserve the title of the most healthy plant, having lived approximately 80,000 years. A human could probably eat the leaves, making it a vegetable.
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    Any veggie that's grown in the Shire.

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    any of the tobacco plants are the healthiest!
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    Possibly taters? or some cappy vegetable like Minas Ithil something...

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    Taters.. Want it spelled out for ya?

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    The vegetables in the rations Lord Elrond sends with the company of elves and men who serve Imladris as part of the Warband of Imladris. You have not a clue what they are but they taste Greeeeaaaaat.

    Some refer to them as MREs, Middle-earth Rations for Expeditions :P

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    What is the healthiest vegetable in Middle-earth?


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    athelas i think

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    The shire tater


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