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    Can't find Blood-Cloak in Dru Bhuta

    I've been looking everywhere in Dru Bhuta for the entrance to this place, needed for the epic questline quest The Hated Orcs. I've traveled up and down nearly every path in the village I can find but I just can't seem to find the entrance. I can see it on my map, but walking everywhere in the village does not show me an entrance - I can get close to the area. LOTRO-Wiki only gives its exact location, which doesn't help when I can't FIND the path that goes up to that location. Coordinates, directions etc for helping me get there would be welcome.


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    There's a map showing all the paths here - https://departmentofstrategery.wordp...-of-dru-bhuta/ Maybe that will help? It is a very confusing place.

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    Ok, here is how you do it.

    Enter the camp and go straight back till a T in the path (there is a haunch of meat roasting on a spit, and Ok-weni-Dhur and Khur-Pulo-Skal are siting there.

    Take the left fork (Ok-weni-Dhur) follow the path up, till you come to another T, take the Left path, continue to go up, path wends around and goes through a small group of huts, continue on till a group of 4 dancing Wild-men, turn left and go up some more. You will come to another T with a purple rock.

    At this T, go right, go up and you will come to the place.
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