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    Yellow Champ Build U25 Level 130

    Hi All,
    12 year player just returning and levelling my champ to 130, apart from all the threads detailing how bad the champ is i cant believe how squishy my champ is btw, without going into detail of my current build, can anyone provide the following

    * Webpage that has various guides to pre and post minus morgul instance armour jewellery and builds to aim for
    * A good yellow line build
    * Armour and jewellery to aim for to be ready for instances
    * Stat Caps to aim for not the cap but what yellow line champ needs to hit to be effective
    * How to bloody well get it without raiding as no one wants me cause not geared!!!

    Probably a lot to ask for but there are a lot of great champs out there that can share some great tips for all champs in 2020 as there appears to be nothing out there

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    You should play Red line too or else you will never be effective.Most of the times we play Yellow only for trash pulls and then we go Red for boss fights that means you should have Lis for both situations.Also many times we play with hybrid builds Yellow/Red.
    Most of your answers you will find here at forums and on YouTube if you search a bit for how you should make your Lis,how to spend your trait points etc.For gear up with items first you should complete all the content and get the basics then go and check the barterers do dailies/weeklies and get some gear,then start doing T1 3 and 6 man instances all the way up to T5 step by step.That is the hard way. The easy way but the expensive one is to spend embers and get gear from quartermaster.If you spend enough money to buy keys for opening boxes and get embers you can be ready for T1 new raid in no time.Then In new raid at T1 you will find very decent gear and also you have the choice to barter everything you want from barterer when you complete the raid.But like i said before if you want to be effective you should play both lines so better first of all make your LIs and at least 2 builds for Red and Yellow.
    I just gave you some very general directions for how you can reach fast the new raid at T1.Most of the answers you will find them here at forums just search a bit.
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