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    Stats and Itemization feedback and awareness

    Hi Devs, I just ran T1 Remmorchant with kin and here are some examples of gear that dropped. I would like to ask to take a close look at what stats are put on certain gear... And what the goal of that gear is!.

    Here are healing pieces... 2 essence slots for Will , only 1 for might! Makes no sense imo

    Might healing piece... Nice for a blue captain and beorning you would say. But hang on... Physical mastery?! Why?? Outgoing healing is not affected by physical mastery. No might healing class benefits from this stat being on there. Change it to crit or something.

    This second one is really what I mean with gear intention. You want might classes like beorning and captain to have heal gear... So put usefull stats on. Thx

    sorry for the big pics.
    Aernur - Captain Main, Inaethir - Lore-master, Inathir - Rune-keeper, Aerdar- Hunter, Phatso - Burglar, Phatsam- Minstrel

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    The biggest crime here is teal stuff in t1kek



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