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    Possible T5 6man bugs?

    Tried out Halls of Black Lore on t5 and a few things didn't seem right.

    - No chest after the first bosses encounter. This is probably a bug?
    - No horns on the ground for the Nurzum encounter. Bug or intended to make it dps race/forcing you to heal through storms?

    Have not tried the other instances yet.
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    We encountered the same problems.

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    Great, so they NEVER test T4-T5 version of 6-Man instances, but decide to set it on live servers right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmagor View Post
    Great, so they NEVER test T4-T5 version of 6-Man instances, but decide to set it on live servers right now
    lol, looks like all gaming-companies are not testing their #### right now.

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    What! You expected the gear progression to be consistent?

    Pay attention, these so called bugs were expected. The consistency is what ever it takes to slow you down. How you all haven't figured this out yet is amazing.
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    Please leave me in my eternal slumber

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    I mean its very easy for a dev to test it, they can just click or type a command to 1 shot the boss and see if a chest spawns or not. From what I heard GMs had to do that on BR in the raid to some mobs for groups. Its just pure laziness on the devs. Same thing with the 3mans with titles bugged on release. All they had to do was one shot the bosses check the titles see if they were right or not. It just pretty sad little tiny issues like this make it on to live servers when they should be tested by the developer as they are coding it etc but no one will be disciplined cause they all own a piece of the pie : ] Tho some companies would fire people for making the same stupid mistakes.



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