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    Daybreak finally splitting up

    As anticipated Daybreak is splitting into various parts. Darkpaw Games is the name of the piece that will run the Everquest franchise (both EQ and EQ2). Daybreak itself will simply be the producer as it is now for LOTRO. No details given and LOTRO not mentioned in what I saw - a producers letter for EQ2.

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    I wonder how that's gonna affect EQ2.

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    Been in the air since past July when they trademarked the names.
    EQ1 is doing quite well, AFAIK. recently released Torment of Velious expansion is getting much better reception than raider-catering Burning Lands.

    No idea about EQ2... never tried it.

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    Yeah, we've been seeing the news as well. This announcement is expected to have no impact on us, how we work, or what we do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by istvana View Post
    a producers letter for EQ2.
    Well, at least SOMEONE is making producers letters....

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    Quote Originally Posted by maartena View Post
    Well, at least SOMEONE is making producers letters....

    I remember they have producers letter... somewhere in may 2019.



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