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Thread: Sad News

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    Rest in peace, Christopher Tolkien. Forever sleep... sweet dreams, or none. Thank-you for carrying on your father's work.

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    A Memorial plaque on or in front of the Three Farthing Stone would be a good place. It's close to and in the path of Festival participants.


    This is a prominent road marker located south of Bywater on the Great East Road, marking the meeting point of three regions of the Shire: the Westfarthing, the Eastfarthing, and the Southfarthing. It is also said that the Three Farthing Stone marks a point near the centre of the Shire. Around the stone are signposts pointing to each of the three Farthings, and benches surrounding it for hobbits and weary travellers to sit.

    During the Farmers Faire the locals have erected a large mushroom tent just east of the Three Farthing Stone. During this event this otherwise silent location lives up and many curious visitors travel the nearby crossroad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LabadalofDorlomin View Post
    It is amazing how we can all be shocked when he was 95 but shocked and most definitely saddened at the passing.

    His tireless work and dedication has given us up to nearly as much as the good professor did in that he kindly released and re-interpreted his personal writings into things that have fleshed our childhood worlds out immeasurably and for this I send my heartfelt thanks and hope in whatever other worldly realms he believed in, he is now enjoying that for which he richly deserves.

    And now here is hoping Disney don't somehow grab the rights to the Tolkien' fantasy and take it to places unimaginable

    RIP dear sir.
    Since Saul Zaentz Company owns the world wide rights to LoTR, through Middle-earth Enterprises, that is not likely to happen at least to LoTR
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    Sad news indeed. RIP sir.
    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
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    I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed.

    RIP Christopher Tolkien

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    I imagine how a dancing man comes up the road, with mighty yellow boots, and says,

    'hullo hullo my dearest friend,
    been waiting longer than I meant,
    it's good however as it is,
    as life has own rules, and is bliss;
    so come home to the house of song,
    and feast and dance there all along,
    'cause life may be a mighty force,
    yet stronger are your ancient lores,
    they bring with them undying fame,
    'bout faithful keepers of their name;
    so come along, dear, come along,
    to sing with me eternal song'

    RIP Christopher Tolkien

    Greetings, Polymachos
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    I like the ideas brought here about some kind of in game memorial for Christopher.

    As well as that, the forum posts being raised about in game events on some of the servers are a really nice touch.

    I'd like to see SSG organise a server wide meet for a brief tribute, players and devs alongside each other. Maybe open up BR for an hour, on a weekend, so as many players as possible could attend.
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    References vs Memorials

    While I think the idea of explicit memorials in game play areas goes against immersion and is a bad idea, there is certainly precedent for including some sort of mention of such an important person as Christopher Tolkien in the game. Look at how JRR Tolkien himself was included in the game: There is a character in "The North Shire", technically Evendim but still part of the Hobbit area of the game, who is clearly recognizable as our Famous Author. They could add another hobbit into this group of characters somehow to include a reference to Christopher without breaking immersion.

    If we want a real memorial, I think the place to start is to build one for JRRT himself. Does every area of the game have to be expressly and only for game play? There is a perfectly "in character" way to memorialize JRRT written into his own work. The area known as Harlindon in the current age is a surviving fragment of Beleriand. While the actual island Tol Galen where Beren and Luthien dwelt after returning from their meeting with Mandos is apparently part of the submerged lands now, there could still be some sort of memorial in the surviving part of Harlindon. I've been wanting to see the Tower Hills in-game for a long time anyway. How about if they do a little bit of extra landscaping some day soon and add this into the game to connect lands further west? We don't need to be able to enter the towers, just ride by them. And similarly, Harlindon beyond doesn't need a lot of finished detail, just to actually exist. And once it is built it could be a site for many other functions, like the Christopher Tolkien memorial that many would like to see.


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