Hello fello Mac users. I was wondering what kind of frame rates you all were getting in the game now a days with current client?

I’m running in an old 2010 iMac; I recently updated it with an SSD and upped the ram to 12gb. I’m also using an Ethernet internet connection; not WiFi. The game runs fairly well; I have no issues with crashes or such; but I do notice that my frame rates are usually around 25. Changing options on the graphic settings doesn’t seem to help much; currently I have almost everything on low or disabled except for textures which I have high; mainly because that’s the most important to me, and also because I’ve noticed no change in frame rate running around with a lower setting.

On a side note; I recently tried a Bluetooth headset and noticed my frame rate dropped into the teens while the Bluetooth was on... I turned it off and it went back up to the 25 to 30 range... I didn’t think BT would use up that much system recourses. Is that normal?