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    AltInvetory help please

    Hello all,

    I have had to replace my old laptop with a new Win10 model, and have been struggling mightily to get everything set up the way I like. I've sent a support request for some of the issues, but of course they can't help with external plugins. I use 3: Buffbars, CombatAnalysis, and AltInventory. The first two I have added and are working fine. But I am having trouble with AltInventory. First of all, it wouldn't even register with the game until I moved everything inside the folder "Garan" up a level. Now, the plugin appears in my plugins list in-game, and I have set it to load for all characters automatically, but it's not actually doing anything. No matter what I try, there is no inventory panel, nor is there a button to open one.

    I would really appreciate anyone's advice on how to get this working, please. Also, if anyone has any ideas for getting rid of the weird yellow tint to my game, that'd be awesome.


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    The correct folder structure is important, including the parent folder for the plugin as that is part of the path embedded in the .plugin file. Generally, each author uses one parent folder for all of their plugins to make organizing them easier - in the case of AltInventory that is "GaranStuff" not "Garan". So, the correct folder path is your documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\GaranStuff\AltI nventory, (note, the forums stick a stray space in long strings so ignore any odd extra space in the path name) with the .plugin and .plugincompendium files in the GaranStuff folder and the .lua files in the AltInventory folder and other associated support files such as additional .lua, .jpg and .tga files in subdirectories. Basically, if you download the .zip file from lotrointerface.com, just unzip the entire contents, including the embedded paths, under the Plugins folder. The paths are part of the zip file and will be recreated correctly by default on most archive software (such as the built in zip handling in windows). If you continue to have trouble, I would recommend that you use Lunarwater's Plugin Compendium application to download and install plugins. It is a java application that takes care of installing them in their required locations. It also makes keeping up with updates easier.

    Plugin Compendium for Windows:

    For mac/Linux:

    EDIT: Note, Turbine/SSG broke the Ctrl key handling so you may have trouble moving the icon by trying to drag it - it appears in the lower left corner by default. You can, however, reposition it from the settings window in the plugin (the gear icon at the bottom left of the plugin). At some point I will have to publish an update switching to the Alt key since SSG hasn't fixed that bug and doesn't seem likely to.
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    Thank you, Garan! It looks like I was half-right, then - there were 1 to many files in the path, but I removed the wrong one. My path after removing the Garanstuff folder was C:\Users\aladr\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\AltInventory ver 3.06 so I renamed the folder Garanstuff and it now works!



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