The gimmick of playing as the trolls can't even be enjoyed anymore, they're just so weak and helpless all they can go do is toss a boulder or two then die in a couple seconds. The 12h wait is so pointless, nobody is lining up to play these things and even if they are, their turn is going to be over 10x faster than it took to get the commendations it costs to play them.

Not only are they so weak and do barely any damage, the 2nd playable (red) troll is a complete joke: standing at level 100 and can't even beat a slug in a 1v1. Everything is purple-named with the second troll, and get one shot by any freep. Scale the second troll up to 130 and increase the hp up to 10-20M+ or even higher, and crank up the damage mitigations way up both of them.