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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplaneswalker View Post
    Thats not entirely true though. Fights like that boss in Harrowing leave puddles on the ground. The fight can only last as long as the group has safe places to stand and the healer can keep up with the damage. i.e. a soft enrage timer.
    Its a trinity system, kinda... Ignore the LMs for a minute.
    What you're talking about is true in theory..my point (that you quoted) is what's happening in practice. Puddles in Harrowing first boss don't matter because they never fill more than 10% of the room (and you can stack and outheal them). Puddles in Harrowing don't even work as a soft enrage timer unless your dps is a captain pet I guess

    In theory the puddles of Shadow Roost first boss should work as a soft enrage timer filling the room like you explained..the issue is, with a great tank and healer you never have to move even a bit (on T5 that is) if your tank does not mess up the positioning and drops puddles so that your melee dps stands in them as well. We had one run with Beorning tank and RK heal where we tested how far we can stack the puddles..the answer is 10. Shortly after the 10th puddle spawns the first despawns. then the 11th spawns and the 2nd despawns and so on so it always jumps from 10 to 9 to 10 and so on

    But regardless of tank and healer class choices (Bear is the best tank against pure physical damage that isn't avoidable and RK is the strongest single target heal) - every tank/healer combo should stack the puddles to 5 or 6. There's easily enough space for 5 different puddle stacks however the boss typically dies shortly before or after you move to position 3

    Quote Originally Posted by mrplaneswalker View Post
    Tanks funnel the damage to a single target with higher mitigations thus taking less damage overall and in a more concentrated fashion. Healers patch up the damage taken, having an easier time of it with tanks as single target heals are (usually) stronger than aoe heals. DPS lower the duration of the fight reducing the total amounts of damage the tank takes and the healer has to heal. The best form of mitigation is a dead boss. Dead bosses don't hurt people except in lasting emotional trauma which we don't count.
    Since healers heal for more than tanks take - the hps to dtps ratio is positive - and healers don't run out of mana fight duration does not change anything. We even carried a ~35k dps Hunter through Shadow Roost T5 once

    Unless we have a - hard or soft - enrage mechanic that actually works and does not provide us with 10x the time you need dps will not matter

    Quote Originally Posted by mrplaneswalker View Post
    Now, there are probably some issues with tank and healer balance. I don't know much about that as I tend to stick to dps. Champions can't fully pull their own weight in 3 man instances right now, we cause the tanks to take more damage and the healers to have to heal more. Generally speaking, not a huge issue at T1 for most of the playerbase. It can get sketchy at the higher difficulties though. The longer a fight goes on the more opportunities exist for people to screw up, resources to be mismanaged, sustained damage to eat away at resources and spike damage has a greater chance of getting people killed.
    You mean cause the tank and healer fall asleep waiting for the mobs to die..there's currently only one case where I'd say dps REALLY matters and that's Filthwell T5 because Balchneth actually dishes out damage that can make tanks and healers worried

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    Just need to nerf burgs a bit. Doesn't make sense why they haven't done something yet but it does make sense in a way but I guess I will not go there. Lightning Rks are ok but really good with Abyss set. Thing is if you buff red RKs or Hunters they really become OP with buffs from support classes. Thing that sets LoTRo apart from most other MMOs is the support classes. Stats are bad right now but even with the bad stats the amount of dps being done right now is pretty insane. Can only imagine when gear comes out that allows you to get 50-75% more damage and 5-10% more critical damage. Hopefully we get better gear and more challenging content(that requires you to be geared at t3-t5) before the raid and not just one 6man which they must be struggling pretty hard with... but I think this is best class balance has been in awhile other than burgs being pretty redic with all in swap etc. The issue with t4-t5 instances is the scions...to have a mob that is 0% range and tactical in a 3man instance where you have tank, healer and dpser(range, tact or melee) is kinda dumb and really effects your dps lol but I guess that is going off topic a bit but yeah I guess they could dumb down Champs a bit more(aka no weapon swapping) and make that class OP too and easier to play. I mean lightning RK is like 3-5 skills depending if another lightning RK is there with abyss set on or not. They have a tendency of dumbing down classes and making them really easy to play by ether requiring less actions or buffing them out of their minds but yeah from what I have seen its not as bad as a lot make it out to be...Except OP Burgs of course lul


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