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    12 man raids...specifically Dâr Narbugud

    Hi all!

    Just jumped back into LOTRO after a long hiatus and I would love to know if there is any way to complete some of these raids that ask for a larger party. I am a level 68 Elf Hunter and I just stumbled upon this Barterer in Lorien that requires Elf Stones and Medallions that can only be acquired from performing these 12 man raids, if what I'm reading online is correct that is. I was curious if anyone else is interested in doing some of these raids because I have no one to play with haha my main character is on the Evernight Server currently and I have a #### top of LOTRO points saved up so if i need to move him to another server to play with someone I am willing to do that. Anyway sorry for the rambling, I would love to join a kinship or a raiding party that can help me ALSO I was just curious, is there anyway to acquire these medallions and Elf stones without having a 12 man raid? It would be cool if the game allowed us to adjust the party size for solo players and scaled the difficulty to that so we can still achieve some of these quests without needing to find 11 other people that are free at the exact same time haha kind of hard! Anyway rant over! Thank you for reading

    Farondil (Lover of the hunt)

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    The Raid is doable at level with 6. With highlevel you can solo it, except the the Misstress (last boss), as adds will stun you and you have to kill the minions to become free. I know at least a Warden that dots her and she died, while he was in stun :-)

    If you want the armor for fancy stuff, then ask in world chat - on German servers it is not uncommon to help others.
    If you want it to use it then have a look at Enethwaith, Handirion, as you can barter the armour of FD for Skirmishmarks.

    Make a deal, the highlevel one gets the EXP Bubbles and you get the stones. I have in Mind, that you get around 3mio from the Raid.
    Keep the Helmet, if it drops :-)



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