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    Virtue XP Potions

    I get these potions each time I log into the game. That is every single day usually. My virtue is already maxed out so I have no use for these right now. I still hate to get rid of them if I don't have to. I have 20 of them right now taking up 20 slots in my storage bank. They are different values. Could you by chance make these virtue xp potions stack? It would be a big help. Thank you!

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    I agree, ever since the announcement that log-in rewards will include more items of interest it seems it was meant to say "virtue increases will take soooooooooooo long that we will now flood your inventory with Virtue XP tomes.

    And personally, I don't find the new Virtue Panel very user friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granlu View Post
    My virtue is already maxed out so I have no use for these right now.
    Are you saying all the one's you have slotted are max'd out already?

    I've been ignoring them, but finally clicked on them to see what they were and from looking at all my one's I have slotted I found none were max'd out with points.

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    You get per day minimum 1. Why store them if ypu're maxed. Use them on a twink or throw them away.
    Next virtue increase you will get new onces.

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    The current numbers are not worth changing something, but I guess we will see bigger numbers in these bottles in the future. They should be stackable then.

    One could even imagine that dailies give VXP bottles instead of direct VXP. We could feed our alts and could get virtues without also getting LP. This could decrease our LP farming motivation ;-)

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    One solution I've found is when on an older toon, I apply the xp to a trait I'd rather have maxed than the ones I currently have, due to the automatic nature of virtue assignment before the change. But you could apply this to pretty much any toon's traits - it doesn't have to be slotted to be "earning." This works unless you have every single trait maxed...

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    Here's what you do

    Quote Originally Posted by Nebless View Post
    I've been ignoring them...
    Here's what you do, mix them in a bathtub with some [mysterious powder], a [pinch of salt], and some [glowing essence], then separate it into little pouches and sell them behind the Bird and Baby. You'll make mountains of gold.

    ...wait, you're not a shirriff are you?



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