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    Thumbs up What has been your favorite part of Minas Morgul so far?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
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    The dwarf family scene when the wife & the son boy see the old father depart 1 last time, was pretty touching sour/sweet scene.

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    Since I have been there yet, the best part is looking forward to the experience. That and the initials M&M - yum!

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    I really enjoyed the closure of the Black Book of Mordor and the epilogues with the tie-ins, closures of story lines and open ended "cliffhangers" (if you will) to a few other story lines. The best part for me was watching Glorfindel and Elronds actions when Gandalf questioned their story about the character he didn't remember

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    Knowing it actually exists now!

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    The outside part! That place scares me ..

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    My favorite part of the Mans Morgul expansion has been doing all of the Leading the Charge deeds with my friendos... This was the first endgame update I've been capped and geared for, so it was fun figuring everything out in t3's with everyone.

    That, and you guys did a really god job with the writing...! (Puts some other MMO's writing to complete shame with this latest pac. )

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    All of it \o/ Epic story and landscape and great companions! **bow**
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    I hope to get there, some day.
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    Definitely the landscape... It looks amazing. A lot of the same issues with game play as before though. Mobs re-spawning less then 30 sec after you defeat them, solo quests that players 10 lvls above would have problems completing (Filth Well, Orc camps by the stairs to Torech Ungol, etc)
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    What has been your favorite part of Minas Morgul so far?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Uh, I'll tell you when I get there

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowred View Post
    So far, the anticipation.
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