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Thread: Only two LI's?

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    Only two LI's?

    I haven't quite reached this point, yet, but... Is it possible to have only two LI's for both tanking and solo play?

    If so, what would be the "can't do without" legacies for the sword/spear and javelin?

    Thank you!

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    There aren't very many good tanking legacies (or dps legacies, for that matter), so a single set of LIs will be just fine.

    Light damage
    Marked Target double-cast chance
    Persevere block rating
    Ranged damage (for Resounding Challenge)
    Resolution damage
    Surety of Death damage over time

    Conviction healing
    Defiant Challenge damage return
    Fist gambit evade rating
    Fist gambit skill damage (for initial aggro)
    In-combat power regeneration
    Shield gambit line healing

    For Marked Target, the choice is between two legacies:
    Unimbued: -7.5% physical mitigation, no questions asked.
    Imbued: -5% physical mitigation, with a 34.4% chance to upgrade to -10%. Since the duration (35-60 seconds, depending on traits) is much longer than the cooldown (18 seconds), it's possible to maintain the -10% debuff more than half the time, if you are willing to cast Marked Target on cooldown. However, since you already have the unimbued swap for Diminished Target (which improves all your light damage), you might choose to use that for Marked Target, and save yourself some castings.
    For yellow line, the imbued legacy is definitely better.

    The gambit lifetap damage legacy doesn't affect lifetap healing, so it's not that useful. Lifetaps don't hit hard to begin with.
    You can use Shield Mastery block rating, but it's a very, very small effect--you get around 1% of the total block cap from a maxed-out legacy. Likewise for spear gambit (i.e. Wall of Steel) parry rating.
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