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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeOfLions View Post

    The simple answer is I thought I made this so easy no one would ever fail it. But I'm going to see about changing the respawn location to make it less frustrating, because obviously I was wrong about that one.

    This has reminded me of something I was doing on New Years Eve. I was in Amon Fuin, a large fortress where one of the objectives is to burn shrines to Sauron. There is a room at the very top of it, and inside a Rogmul that we need to defeat. Did all that, and found myself one shrine short, so rather than run a gauntlet back through every mob in the camp, I decided to die, retreat and ride back, as I was pretty sure the shrine I had missed was not far from the camp entrance.... So, I pulled a ton of mobs, died, and retreated . . . .

    and found myself in the rez circle outside West Bree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wispsong View Post
    Thank you for trying to explain this but reading about this quest here makes me wonder if I should even attempt it. I'm not good at this kind of stuff.
    Just got to this quest and tried it. Failed. Not going to fight my way back up. This seems for me to be the end of the BBoM. Sad, I really loved it so far.

    MM really has worn me out due to the dreary landscape. As fun as the story is, right now I'm not even sure I'll buy it.

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    Black Book of Mordor -- 14.2 -- Gothmog's Rage

    level 128 Captain. Have tried this three times and failed. Knowing it is doable makes me like the challenge. I will try some of the ideas posted on the 3 pages of this thread.
    I'm only replying as I see a lot of players say they are tired of fighting there way back.

    They may have changed it recently, but from the rez point I run past all mobs till I get to Ayorzen. Click the ring\travel now and you are back to try again.

    I have seen some players on goats in some areas if able try them perhaps as well. > going back in now fingers crossed lol.

    Okay edit before post. 4th try. Stayed to the far right and went forward and backwards against the railing until npc showed. Figured I should move over to them, but they had no rings. So either I missed it or will wait longer next time\ tomorrow night. That said yes had full health when npc showed

    Looking at npc's well dead. None have a ring where as they did last time I died. wonder if this run was /bugged

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    One more comment here:
    Unless we get a solution for server lags, building mechanisms like this one into landscape might not be the best idea. Quest progress should not depend on finding a time that has low player numbers both in US and EU to ensure low server load.
    The checkerboard was no problem with my first char, but given the experiences I had lately, it might be quite fun to guess the correlation between my char's on-screen and on-server position.


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