Why can only the insterl make music if the loremaster knows ancient secrets?

It would be fun and lore-friendly to give the loremaster a small usage of instruments. Of course it shoudn't be big but he is a master of lore and knowledge so why can't he use an instrument in certain circumstances. The minstrel is the main instrument user. For roleplay, lore and combat, it could be fun to 'have learnd some secrets of music from a minstrel.' It should be small, so i was thinking of a skill. The skill of: Song of distraction (not the improved version). It should only be usable when the loremaster has an instrument equipped instead of his brooch. Also no lagacies or upgrades should be availabe. It's just anothcther way for the LM to 'use his knowledge'(CC ennemies).
Because the brooch gives some good stats there should be a few Loremaster instruments added. Tey will only give a small buff to the LM himself (not to his pet like the brooch) and can of course be crafted by a woodworker. Certain instruments give the following effects:
Flute: +morale regen
Horn: +crit chance
Lute: +morale
Clarinet: +power regen
Of cousre not all instruments can be played by the loremaster. But this is where the part of teamwork shows up. It encourages player-to-player teamwork. Also the adding of a second choice of equipment for the ranged slot further increases the amount of personalization in the game: players need to choose if the want a big buff for him/herself and his/her pet or to have an extra CC skil but a smaller buff.
Please people help me think this trough. Comments, tips and critics are things you can learn from.