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    Purchased Minas Morgul through Lotro Market, but didnt receive e-mail/code


    I've purchased Minas Morgul Collector's edition thorugh lotro market, and the cash reduced from my account but i didnt receive any e-mail regarding my purchase.

    Is there anything else i can do ?

    I really want to join my kinship with adventure on Minas Morgul.

    Kind Regards

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    Did you try checking your spam folder?

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    You don't need to wait for the confirmation email, the Code you need is in the same website where you bought the expansion. Did you save/download the ticket? or if you have an order number you can use the findmyorder.com website.

    Once you find the code you can go redeem it in-game at the Lotro Store. Again, no need to wait for the e-mail! You're ready to play!
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    Hello! Thank you for fast reply!

    All I had was this screen saying : ''Thank you for your order. Your order is being processed and you will be notified of the result shortly.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG_RedPanda View Post
    Did you try checking your spam folder?
    My spam folder is empty.Didnt receive any code from store.

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    In my case the code was displayed on the screen when I bought the game, so I did a copy/paste before the code arrived by email.

    I just looked at my own email history.... and it should be noted that the confirmation email arrived about 40 minutes after the purchase, but since I had the code already as it was displayed on the screen, I activated the product already.

    Since it took 40 minutes for me, it may take some time before you get the email.
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  7. Oh Hello! Its Tyranthill/Tyrannrex again!

    I wasnt able to see my code on screen after the purchase.

    All I got is the mail that says it will take 48 hours to process my order and they sent me an order number but cant use it on www.findmyorder.com.I have this arror saying '' The order number was not found.''

    Is it normal?It takes more than 1 day to receive in game code? I always buy products from the lotro market website and its the first time happened to me.

    I'm still waiting to receive my code for the Minas Morgul expansion.

    Kind regards

  8. I was able to get my code after 48 hours.

    And Minas Morgul.. just wow! It was epic journey!

    Thank you SSG, I'm really enjoying this expansion, totaly worth the waiting and everthing!



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