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    Need a few tips for the last boss in the Filth-well

    Can anybody share a few tips about the last boss in the Filth-well T2/T3? It seems we were doing something wrong because it should be easier than the first one. We left the hunter and mini in the center while the tank kites the boss in a big circle. But in this case either central platform is destroyed or worms kill dps/mini because the tank is far enough and can't grab them. Should all the group just kite together? How fast kiting should be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkryft View Post
    Can anybody share a few tips about the last boss in the Filth-well T2/T3? It seems we were doing something wrong because it should be easier than the first one. We left the hunter and mini in the center while the tank kites the boss in a big circle. But in this case either central platform is destroyed or worms kill dps/mini because the tank is far enough and can't grab them. Should all the group just kite together? How fast kiting should be?

    ~Spoilers Alead~



    A) Boss

    • Attacks
      ... deal mostly physical AoE frontal damage (swipes) which can critically hit or devastate. Other than that, there are two special skills, which are randomly targeting burst damage attacks (the strongest, an acid/tactical cleave of limited radius, which is an animated spit, and a physical single-target of longer range, animated as a whip lash).
    • Platform submersion
      ...is caused by excessive boss kiting. If it doesn't engage its aggro target for ~15s, then it will start sinking the terrain it stands on. The terrain is divided into fixed parts.

    B)Adds - all adds can be crowd controlled with any means.
    • Tentacles
      ...are spawned atop of the boss, by the boss, whenever it stands still for ~5s, hitting its aggro target. They behave identically to the ones featured in the trash pulls between bosses 1 & 2:
      I.Removable disease DoT dealing significant damage.
      II. Puddle placing targeted onto a random target's location, which deals minor damage but seems to be amplifying damage from all other sources(?), specifically putting all tentacles into a frenzy.
      III. Channeling (distinctively animated as curl ups) skill cast on a random target, that is constantly knocking it in towards the tentacle unless interrupted through crowd control or any normal interrupting skill
      (e.g. boot).
    • Crawlers
      ...are spawned around the boss upon certain morale thresholds (1st wave at ~75%). They appear in two consecutive waves. They cast an aura that deals morale damage in a small radius around them and often cast an inducting skill that will deal a morale damage DoT to anyone standing in a small radius around them when, and whether, the induction is completed or(!) interrupted. Plainly put conclusion: When the crawlers induct, get the hell away from them.


    Platform submersion can be completely avoided. Truth be told, kiting usually implies lack of mechanics, but in this case controlled kiting seems to be intentionally proposed by the very design of the fight. Hence the abundance of room in the last boss arena(?), which could otherwise be ignored. In order to hold on to existing terrain you need to kite the boss in a certain way.

    • Should the tank permanently kite the boss, which means keeping a safe ranged distance from it and never getting hit by its physical damage attacks, platforms will soon start sinking below it one after the other, as it tries to make its way towards its aggro target. All bridges and plateaus will eventually sink (apart from pillars, which can't be climbed :P), leaving the group without any space to safely maneuver. Cause it gets tired of this chase. You may still succeed with the help of some crazy good healing and tanking, but the fight will turn into a pure DpS race, as you'll have to kill the boss before you run out of surface to move on. And the water DoT, however manageable through heals, will surely catch up to you cumulatively with all other damage sources, most of which will be normally developed (crawlers & boss special attacks). Practically, since crawlers cannot be outrun, the tank is going to have to keep running to minimize the damage. Therefore, non tanking fellows will be forced to swim in order to damage the boss (if melee), as it will be taking shortcuts to reach the forever running tank, and/or position themselves in front of the boss to reach out and heal it. In this case, players in front of the boss risk getting (nearly, if geared) one shot by the boss's special skills. On the bright side, there will be no tentacle spawns, which are quite hard to handle. All in all a virtually possible approach, though players will be extremely pressured.

      Having a hunter or fire rune-keeper reside in the middle of the arena away from the action is an abstractly plausible solution. Though this fellow has to perfectly use his survival kit to withstand possible tentacle nuisances, as well as micro-manage his angles towards the ever relocating boss, that he must not face, in order to maintain his outpost. Might still be the best bet for a hunter.

    • Should you statically face-tank the boss, there will be no sinking. However, there will be endless tentacle spawns. I imagine this scenario is -or will be after players are heavily geared- also viable. The idea is to prioritize tentacles and(!) crawlers -whistle spacing out whenever they induct to avoid the morale DoT- with heavy AoE damage and CC, while also hurting the boss, so as not to become overrun by adds.

    Summary: Too much or too bad kiting = Endless Platform Submersion. Not enough kiting = Endless Tentacle Spawns.

    • But you can dodge it all: Have your tank enter the pool upon boss activation and slowly drag it out by back-stepping and side-stepping (hold right click and move using only keyboard and left click) so it gets hits for two to three times in each melee engagement. The tank should never turn its back to the boss or sprint in and out of melee range.
      Basically drag it much like a drake in TG is dragged: you want to neither create too much space between you and it, nor permanently stay within melee range. In both cases the drake won't move.
      Once the boss is transferred onto a plateau or bridge, form a train :P. Tank must be driving the group by delicately dragging the boss towards one direction while the rest of the group's following closely behind it. Make sure the boss is moving on the same terrain as you. If you create too much space through per say a tank sprint, the boss will take shortcuts through the water to reach it, hence forcing the group to either break formation or swim, suffering unnecessary pressure. Work out the kiting angles so the boss travels through bridges and turns just as you do. Every ~15 seconds stop and have the tank absorb a couple of hits, and carry on.

      When the crawlers spawn, slightly pull back your healer outside of their aura's radius and have your damage dealer target and attack them for a couple of seconds under focused heals, so the tank can smoothly transfer aggro with a forced taunt. This is not necessary, since the same result can be achieved by transferring healing aggro. However, in this case the healer will have to move a lot more to dodge possible crawler inductions and focus heal himself to survive, thus briefly neglecting the tank. Bare in mind there's a very good chance you end up with 2-3 tentacle spawns due to expected tanking miss-steps. Tentacles will immediately start knocking a random target around, messing your positioning, landing players in the water and possibly turning the boss towards the squishies. If those occur simultaneously with crawlers spawns and/or boss special skills, it's almost certainly over. Once the aggro is stabilized, the tank can sprint away with the crawlers together with the healer to control the damage taken by micro-managing crawler inductions & routes, leaving your damage dealer alone with the boss.

      Should the damage dealt to squishies by crawlers' aura morale DoT become unbearable, have them slightly side step the radius to rejuvenate their morale.

      In case of an unfortunate tentacle spawn, try to directly CC it and avoid revisiting its spawn point by manufacturing new kiting routes. Keep in mind tentacle skills have a certain, alas quite long, radius.

    General Remarks

    All in all there aren't any unique damage sources strong enough to wipe the group through one-shots. This fight, strange as it may seem -blame the need for kiting, becomes smoother the more control you exercise over mechanics. The less control there is, the higher the stakes are.

    Of course, any approach requires a sturdy, sufficiently geared group. Tank needs decent critical defense. Healer needs decent critical rating and outgoing healing rating. Damage dealer needs decent mastery and critical ratings. Everyone needs decent morale, mitigation and finesse for their respective roles.

    PS: This is by no means a guide. Rather a recollection of the data (including unconfirmed assumptions) gathered through hours of wipes trying out with my mates whatever we could think of. Feel free to criticize the above and comment based on your own adventures. By the way, what a lovely instance. Have fun
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    Thanks a lot for a very detailed explanation, much appreciated.
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