Hello LOTRO Community

Does Frame rate per second matter in fellowship battle?

This question is narrow because I see on the chat world teams are forming with everybody. I new to this world, a 1 1/4 year playing. My fps at Michel Delving is wide 15-24 DX9 default. DX10, DX11 its 5 fps at 1024x768. Computer rig is HP Slimline 450-a24, Intel Pentium J2900 Quad Core, 64 Meg dedicated memory, 1072 Meg Shared, 8192 Meg memory, WD 500GB SSD. The processor is solder to the motherboard. This type of rig is low power desktop, with a startup time of 32 second. It used to 94 seconds with a standard hard drive.

I know I will be slow but, I don't how much am I. Or worst a crunch to the rest of the team.