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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuzuriha_EN View Post
    Hello everyone, as all of us can notice, there's never a staff response in order to PvMP ideas, suggestions or even asking a simple interest from the company in this part of the game.

    The purposal from this thread is not to give ideas or suggestions, the purposal of ths thread is to show Standing Stone Games and their Staff the large amount of players who demands work on LotRO PvMP.

    This way I want to invite everyone who wants PvMP being developed as it deserves to sign this thread, perhaps, if we are loud enough, SSG will finally listen to us, give us the replies we need, and interact with their players, it's not time to stay quiet giving ideas who are going to get ignored for years, it's time tofight for our PvMP.

    And I also think it's worth a minute if by this way we can make anything change, this is not a fight because we all must be together, we all must claim a decent PvMP and a responsible reaction from the company we all are or were paying for this game.

    LotRO PvMP is a concept who involves two factions, Free Peoples and Monster Players. We fight at the grounds but it's time to stand together and try to make those blue names notice it's not a matter of a minority. Let's make them see the number of players we are wanting, because i know the number is very high.

    Said that, I am the first to sign this demand.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yuzuriha from Evernight.
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    Better balance will bring numbers. First time on after two year absence and skills are rusty...but skills are irrelevant when a burg can one shot kill you from stealth at Rank 13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRedfox View Post
    Cord of the Rings from Nov 15th at 36 minutes in. *fingers crossed* https://youtu.be/iK1WZ8su2XY?t=2155
    Whispers "I don't even want to say it". kinda hilarious and sad at the same time.

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    Take your time Vast

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    Might as well /sign too.

    An update is long overdue, years if you ask me. And it's not like people are asking for massive overhauls of the entire system.
    Small changes would already satisfy the community.
    For creepside that would be updating base ratings and those on traits and skills, and talking about skills, adjusting damage values (whether that would be up or down). There's things out there on creepside that haven't been touched since they got added to the game.
    For freepside new pvp arour sets could be added, and the vendors could be updated so that the barter-able gear is actually useful again (rank cloaks etc).
    And in general, small mechanical changes. People have been complaining from both sides about things like auto-flips and back doors for god knows how long.
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    /signed but not expecting ssg will do anything at all for pvmp
    Last edited by Skullsquasher; Nov 30 2019 at 02:09 PM.
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    Yup, /signed

    Don't touch me. I'm evil.

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    Even if there is a good update. Player won't return like old day at lv 65. SSG is wasting money.

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    /signed. It would be nice to be heard.

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    It's been too long since there was done "serious" work on pvmp

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    even though its hopeless but oh well, why not.
    RIP lotro pvp.

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    ./signed again cause i'm tried of being 1 shot
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