Hello everyone!

Some kind of directory or listing by "mood" for ABC files, maybe even good for LOTRO already, does such a thing exist?

I often tell short stories and poems in game as a simple performance for entertainment. While doing that I like to play a stringed instrument with a simple, catchy tune that fits the mood of the story told.
The poems and stories I tell as a solo bard are mostly kinda thoughtful, spooky, gloomy, eerie and from long deceased authors, free to use.
Digging through the myriads of classical, free to use sound files to find a few that are long enough, play well in LOTRO on a solo instrument and fit with the stories is something I tried but can not manage as it stands.

So, I'm looking for some collections, a directory or listing or something that can help me with that task.

Disclaimer: I was a singer in a few bands for about 20 years but I know close to nothing about classical music and sheet music of that kind.

I be thankful for any pointers given!