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    4k UHD and bad Problems

    DPI scaling for in-game overlay
    Hello, I game on a 4k PC. DPI scaling is set within windows to 175%. Everything else scales perfectly, no problems.

    The in-game overlay however.. it doesn't scale for high DPI monitors, and I've heard people have bad issues with it in DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution, where the game is rendered in higher resolution, then
    downscaled to fit the monitor *it's anti-aliasing on roids*)

    Please don't tell me to reduce my screen resolution. Anybody that deals with a high DPI monitor already knows this dirty little "Fix".

    I really enjoy gaming in 4k.. the difference is very noticeable. You want me to run in 1080p, come over here and take the 4k display out of my pc, put in a
    1080p display, and refund me the extra money I spent. I'm not going through the settings to change resolution and
    DPI scaling settings every time....

    How can i change it for the perfect in-game Overlay for HDRO?

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    You can scale some parts of the UI in the options, but some windows will still be very small. At the moment it's not "fixable".

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    4k support is on the the dev's "to do" list.



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