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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?

    Only to pick up that pesky 7-10 split. Palantíri come with holes, right?

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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?

    Nah, I like my mind intact.

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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?

    Depends on context. Before Sauron was defeated?.. Well mighty as Denethor is described in the books, look what it did to him over time.
    After? Why not honestly?..

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    Yes, I want to know who found the other 'lost cellphones'.

    Probably it could be a nice quest line for the Black Book, someone evil finding one of Sauron's stones and you being the only one capable of recovering it.

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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?

    Hmm... Yes, I would. If it was the Elostirion-stone.
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    I like Duinthian's idea of recovering a palantir. There are already pedestals for them in the Fornost instances and elsewhere. It would be cool if Aragorn had you return to those places and "restore" the palantirs!
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    A Palantir? I would use it, and it would use me... So it'd actually be a lot like most of my adult relationships.

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    I would gaze upon the Palantir and hope to see visions of the future... lottery numbers.
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    Depends on whether Gandalf is watching or not.

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    If I were standing in front of a Palantir, and I knew that if I looked into it I could see something advantageous to the war... I would use it trusting I have a strong enough will.

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    Yes! I am as curious as a cat!

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    Of course, I would use it . . .

    The only question is: for the purpose of what?

    Bowling, for example?

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    Weekly Question

    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    To spy on the Devs and see how I could win the beacon.

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    Only if Cate Blanchett asked me to.

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    If I were standing in front of a Palantir, would I use it?

    Oh my, I am very fascinated by looking into the past and future. So yes, I would use it. This would be a dream come true.

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    I remember one of them was taken by a Morvul/Morroval of Lhaereth which means whoever is on that end now is a threat, so no!

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    I would look into it to answer this question.

    Wait... oh.

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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?

    Well, a Palantir shows you visions of what you want to see, in the worst possible light, but in a seductively believable fashion.

    I'd haul my duly elected congressional representative before it, and show him the future of the planet after unaddressed climate change kicks in.
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    Wouldn't "use" it, just quest for a second one, then....

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    Me, look through it? Never. Slip it into the offices of my least favorite politicians? Ooh, that's tempting.
    A learning experience is one of those things that say, "You know that thing you just did? Don't do that." - Douglas Adams

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    If you were standing in front of a Palantir, would you use it?


    Which one? -There was seven of them (in Middle-earth).
    At what time period?

    The question being rather vague (as usual), but since the game period is around T.A. 3018-19 we can eliminate the stones of Annúminas and Amon Sûl lost in Forochel in T.A. 1974 (though that last one was recovered in the early 4th Age).
    The high stone of Osgiliath was lost in the Anduin during the Kin-strife in T.A. 1437.
    The Palantír of Minas Ithil was taken by the Nazgûl in T.A. 2002 and delivered to Sauron (I dare you to try asking him to loan it to you!).

    The stone in Elostirion though the master Palantír in Endor only looked to the Far West linked to the eight stone in the Undying Lands.

    The last two palantíri are the stone of Minas Anor (Minas Tirith) and the stone of Orthanc. Well, since both left their principal user to madness and evil (Denethor II and Saruman) because Sauron used his to "control" the connections, I can come to only one conclusion:

    If it isn't the Palantír of Elostirion then no, I'm good (want to keep my own sanity, thank you very much!).


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