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    (Arkenstone) Durin's Folk and Ally of Durin's Folk are recruiting

    Durin's Folk, a Dwarven kinship, is recruiting. Our sister kinship, Ally of Durin's Folk, is as well (non dwarves). We are also recruiting Stout Axes (adopted by King Thorin III to join the Longbeards).

    The Golden Age of Durin’s Folk is upon us! Join Durin’s Folk of Meneldor and help us prepare for war with the Gundabad orcs! There is new content coming - Legacy of Durin, Trials of the Dwarves, War of Three Peaks, and Gundabad. We are mustering armies from all Seven Houses of the dwarves.

    Durin’s Folk is a stronghold for players who have and love to play their Dwarven characters. We are a semi-RP kinship whose current game-play focus is on PvE. We run instances together and have a mix of levels. We play on Arkenstone (some of us are from Arkenstone, some originally played on Meneldor before the server merger). With the Grey Mountains and Iron Hills released, there is no better time to join your dwarf brothers!

    What we are looking for:

    1 - Members that are mature in nature, respectful, and helpful to their fellow players, both inside and outside the kinship. Rudeness and argumentative behavior on chat will not be tolerated. A member’s attitude and mannerisms will directly influence what other players think about our kinship.
    2 - Members ranging from little to no experience at playing LOTRO or other MMOs to players who are already at endgame who just like the idea of our kinship.
    3 - Although we accept any range of members from those who consider themselves to be casual players who spend anywhere from an hour a week in-game to those who are hardcore, we are looking for members who are both social and active within the kinship.
    4 - We welcome new ideas on how to continue to shape Durin’s Folk into a kinship in which all of its members can be proud of, the members want to log in and participate, and for the other kinships of Arkenstone to look up to. Many of us are working on Mordor content.
    5 - As our kinship's name implies we are looking for members who love playing dwarves and delving into their lore and culture. These players like giving their character a strong Dwarven name (or are willing to change them) and who like seeing their characters decked out in Dwarven armour, clothing and weapons when available instead of Elven or Mannish items. (This is the semi-RP part stated above. It is not required to run around emoting everything and chatting in character but if you wish you still can).
    6 - Crafters of all types. As the kinship continues to grow our members will need the best equipment we can give them in their fight against The Enemy. A well equipped Dwarf is a deadly Dwarf.
    7 - If you have an affinity for Dwarven lore but you don't have a dwarf character, or do but also have non-dwarf characters, our other race characters are part of the Ally of Durin's Folk kinship. This kinship has Elves from Eregion who long allied with the Dwarves against Sauron, including famed weaponsmiths and ringsmiths. It also has other allies of the dwarves (hobbits, men, beornings). This kinship is fully a part of Durin's Folk of Meneldor and as such participates equally in all kin events and meetings. If interested, send Shadowfaxual a tell or letter.

    So if you're interested in helping us continue to expand our kinship, please feel free to /tell in-game or send a letter to Grithur or Fundin II (Fundinii).

    Fundin II
    Marshal of the Burning Depths
    Commander of Lord Grithur’s Mithril Guard
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