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    Reclamation of Minas Ithil - Jeweller recipes are missing

    Since I only saw this posted in beta forums (and since it wasn't fixed nonetheless before live) I'll mention it here and in the General thread: Jeweller recipes are (still) missing from the Reclamation of Minas Ithil barter NPC.

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    Confirmed, Jeweller section littered with many many metalsmith recipes. Four sets of them.

    Even showing all, there are none displayed for the jeweller. Sadly in beta the jewellery pieces from E&G decons harvested masses of pretty useless gems. I'm not clear on the binding of the relics required but better to barter on another profession, just for the normal mats you get. Also the tooltips sometimes show and sometimes don't show the materials return on flaming.

    With Scholars and Cooks deprived of recipes barter here, to grind out the new Crafting Components boxes my scholar could use Weapon smith recipes and a Yeoman Tailor recipes. Onerous if not levelled up previously. I'm struggling with the intent behind the second guild crafting option still. Couldn't be just this?

    Notwithstanding instance drop decons into materials.
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