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    Angry Session play... WHY SO HARD TO FIX????

    Why is it so hard for devs to fix the scaling bug issue in session play? I can't get through The Fate of Laerdan. I can't complete the epic volume 1 without completing this stupid session play.

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    You have my sympathies, I hate all session plays. Have you reached Mordor with another character yet ? , the Elven Allegiance intro is a corker , it often bugged out for me. ....

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    That one was stupidly hard for me. I could not complete it even with my well geared Guardian. After 3 tries i gave up and took the dwarf alligance which was just run around the hall under the mountain and talk to people.

    I fancied joining the Elves too

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    The thing is, Session plays essentially just gives you control of an NPC. The problem with this is that over the years mobs have been buffed and their stats increased to make up for the fact that classes have generally become stronger over time.
    But the issue doesn't just stop there. Some NPC skills are completely bugged or just haven't been scaled. You can see traces of this in monster play.
    Also just to make matters worse, NPC skill animations are as slow as they were back in SoA, in general, the original session plays haven't really been touched on at all since when they were released. It's archaic and old and I don't think there'll be a lot of focus on fixing them, as long as it's technically possible to complete the quests it's just one of those things you need to rough out.
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    When I do this one I just sneak past as many mobs as possible until I get to the end/top. And then I fight. And we all know how that ends.

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    I like session play, but only for the storylines. I understand sometimes you need combat for example in cases like "We cannot get out", but you should never, ever, have to struggle in session play, because session play is for story progression, not gear and xp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOOBEAR1 View Post
    Why is it so hard for devs to fix the scaling bug issue in session play? I can't get through The Fate of Laerdan. I can't complete the epic volume 1 without completing this stupid session play.
    I did this one about a week ago on an alt. It maybe that I have done it on several chars over the years and I'm better at it than the first time.

    Key is reading what the skills you have do: range, melee, debuff precursor for the big damage skill, crowd control. The last very important, it's to survive long enough into the end fight that gets you through. Keeping the melee mobs from hitting you while you back off and deal with the ranged toons has to be the priority.

    Arrange the skills on your bar so there is some order and practice using them all the way to the final fight. CC melee and deal with ranged to get use to it.

    Maybe scaling is at play but these session plays put us all on a level playing field, the strategies we employ are what makes the difference. They are seldom a DPS race, in this one more the control of incoming damage vs outgoing damage.

    Sessions like these mentioned are your best chance to see just where your skill level is. Struggle here and accept further struggles. Learn from them and develop as a player, like so many before. This one was always the toughest, a right of passage.

    I only say this because I completed it this last week and there was nothing to that made it no longer possible. I was actually surprised when mine ended with my character still on over half health, other times it's been much closer to defeat. Skill and strategy have improved since those times.
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