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    Post Suggestion: Adaptive crafting profession levels in store

    Currently you can only buy all craftiing tiers up to Ironfold as a whole and complete package.

    But as I'm already halfway through the crafting with most of my characters and crafting demands gets more and more ridicolous (imo) in higher tiers in terms of mats and grind, it would be helpful to design the crafting profession package in store adaptive to exclude the levels someone has already gained from the package and pricing.
    We already see that this is possible as on stat stome packages it will detect which tiers you already have and adapt the cost and description dynamically - you only get charged for the levels you haven't obtained yet.

    So, why isn't such logic implemented in all the other stuff in store too?

    I'm more likely to spend some points in store if it would be implemented like this, rather than currently as I'm investing time and grind but then I'm forced to "pay" for already achieved stuff a "second time". That's a big NO-NO and you won't see any money from me then

    Or give us at least the opportunity to buy individual crafting tiers by its own in addition to the whole package.
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    Dunno about buying those tiers outright (kinda devalues the entire concept of crafting), but one thing that always irked me is exclusion of gathering professions (prospector/forrester/farmer) from craft xp boosts AND craft xp bonus weekends.



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