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    Cordovan in stream:

    The intention is to do some pvmp work....
    I don't know if it's got a target date at the moment but it's certainly work that we are intending to do.
    I would say 2021 is likely we'll see some pvmp work but I don't actually know. Especially given the interest in the subject I have to be very careful what I say.
    But what's in store for pvmp i do think we'll get to some work for it. And I do think it will happen hopefully sooner than

    been hearing that for 7 years now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Constrictions View Post
    Osgiliath map was originally intended to introduce a round-based PvMPvE game mode, which would end upon killing the War-Tyrant Akulhun/CG Tordur equivalents. Objectives were to be an essential part to the gameplay on this map, as opposed to merely renown/inf buffs. For anyone wondering why on earth the map was made with straight runs that seem to allow for unlimited zerg-based shuffle potential, it is because it was not at all made with the same concept design as the ettenmoors.

    The changes to the ettenmoors with the outpost update (Changing the locations of Elf and Orc Camp, and the rezzes), along with the introduction of backdoors is the direct cause of the backdoor shuffles. Originally the shuffles would be directed from GV through to gramsfoot through each respective keep, and kept centred on Tol Ascaren in the maps centre by the positioning of Elf Camp (originally south of STAB) and Orc Camp (originally on the hill south of WTAB).

    A shuffle that has a leeway to move from GV-TR, to TR-EC, to EC-TA, to TA-OC, to OC-Lugz and Lugz-Grams is far better than the shuffle that is either GV-TR backdoor, or Grams-Lugz backdoor. Taking any one of the keeps that was not at the centre of the shuffle, but behind it somewhere, could instantly move where the shuffle was taking place and keep things interesting. As the strongest and largest keep in PvMP, the entire concept of the ettenmoors design was to keep the action centred on TA, and to give logistical and geographic reasons to want to hold TA for map domination. Since the shuffle through TA has been entirely eliminated, the moors is a #### show that has had no lively PvMP action for years. It has been replaced with PvP by tab target and backdoor teleporting, where the only resemblance to the old PvMP are the ranged standoffs. The difference here is that the ranged standoffs never really progress into open field combat. It seems that almost every dumb #### that plays PvMP right now prefers ranged standoffs and want nothing to do with open field combat. Why blame them though? There's almost no reason to do it. There's nowhere to retreat to from GV apart from TR, and nowhere to retreat to from TR apart from Lugz. NPCs with wet noodles for swords mean that if freeps can roll creeps back from TR to lugz, it simply turns into a Lugz-Grams backdoor shuffle. The whole point of TA mediating between the two keeps was to split up the attacking force into two groups, which had to try and penetrate a keep with more and tougher NPCs, extra defences (E.g. Oil) and all the while fighting the raid that they had just rolled at the weaker keep (TR/Lugz). Backdoors and outposts/change of rez locations mean that there is no reason to retreat to hold fights at TA anymore.

    The map changes in the outpost update were meant to try and direct people away from the straight line between Grams and GV through TA, and give the shuffle more reason to visit Grothum and Hoarhollow, and Isendeep and Lumbercamp. It sort of succeeded at first. But the problem was the backdoors. Paired with the keep backdoors, the changes only ended up gutting the straight line shuffle that kept action moving smoothly across the map and making it like a light switch; either at GV or Grams. Backdoors should have been somehow placed inside the keeps quest rooms and been connected to the delving of fror, not to the outside of the keep. The entire point of backdoors was to give defenders a way to get back into the keep without having to run through a raid that is sieging the keep. Instead, it is now a camping ground where people pop in and out to avoid sustained combat.

    The change to lugz rez was abyssmal. Honestly, Orc Camp should have stayed roughly where it was directly across WTAB (west TA bridge), and the Lugz rez stayed where Elf Camp currently is. New lugz rez is just awful. It is way too close to the outpost and is in a geographically terrible position with respect to both to the keep itself, and for allowing players time to run in the opposite direction of any rez campers with a significant head start. The old Elf camp location south of STAB (south TA bridge) should have been replaced with some sets of NPCs designed to encourage small group and fellowship play, like neutral NPCs, or scattered campsites that changed based on who owned TA.
    This might be the most accurate description of the issues, history and current state of the PVMP map(s) I have seen committed to words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LotroVidz View Post
    Or just give us an SOA/MOM/SOM classic server, they have ruined the game too much over the years. For me the PVP was ruined the day they made creeps like mini bosses, with 4x amount of morale pools compared to freeps.. For some weird reason they decided to give freeps an insane amount of damage, that forced them to buff monsters morale pools giving them 4x more morale than freeps.

    Do you guys remember when freeps could spar each others, and not get 1 shotted. Spars where balanced back in Moria/SOM lol.. That was such fun times for pvpers.
    You do know that back in SOA I had like 4x the morale (or more) of most freeps, right?

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    you guy's loyalty is admirable, if misplaced.

    you need to think smaller, like maybe someday they will fix the wall of death at the DG relic.


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    The time is now ssg you can do it. /slow clap

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