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    Official Update 25 Skinning Pack

    The official Skinning Pack for Update 25 is now available over at LOTRO Interface:

    Get it here

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    Thank you for it, however the file SkinDictionary.txt is missing from this update pack.

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    The fixed skinning pack has been uploaded. Thanks for letting us know about the missing files!

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    Hello, since the release of Minas Morgul (or about this time) I receive feedbacks from raid leaders complaining that the extended master loot window codes (mine and other ones) are broken.

    Such customization provide an easier management for a fair and quick attribution of the content of highly populated chests such those from the very popular raid "Throne of the dread terror".

    I used the recent U25 skinning pack to rebuild and extended window from scratch, but the chest slots still fail to populate the extended panel area, in all my attempts, I only got the 10 default chest slots + 1 bonus slot only.

    Should it be possible to restore the previous master loot internal behavior or to fix the new one ?
    Or did I miss something ?

    Here is my custom code build from U25 skinning pack source code :

    Expanded master loot window (28 items max instead of 10)
      <PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_GamePlay_ItemRollBox">
      <Element ID="GamePlay_ItemRollBox" 		X="304" 	Y="58" 		Width="850" 	Height="720">
        <Element ID="GamePlay_ItemRollField" 	X="0" 		Y="0" 		Width="850" 	Height="720"></Element>
        <Element ID="HiddenDragBox_DragBox" 	X="0" 		Y="20" 		Width="850" 	Height="700">
          <Element ID="Box_01_Empty_InnerShadow" 	X="1" 		Y="1" 		Width="848" 	Height="698">
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopLeft" 	X="0" 		Y="0" 		Width="9" 	Height="9"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_MidLeft" 	X="0" 		Y="9" 		Width="9" 	Height="680"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomLeft" 	X="0" 		Y="689" 	Width="9" 	Height="9"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomMid" 	X="9" 		Y="689" 	Width="830" 	Height="9"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomRight" 	X="839" 	Y="689" 	Width="9" 	Height="9"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_MidRight" 	X="839" 	Y="9" 		Width="9" 	Height="680"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopRight" 	X="839" 	Y="0" 		Width="9" 	Height="9"></Element>
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopMid" 	X="9" 		Y="0" 		Width="830" 	Height="9"></Element>
          <Element ID="Box_01_Empty_LeftBorder" 	X="0" 		Y="0" 		Width="1" 	Height="700"></Element>
          <Element ID="Box_01_Empty_BottomBorder" 	X="1" 		Y="699" 	Width="848" 	Height="1"></Element>
          <Element ID="Box_01_Empty_RightBorder" 	X="849" 	Y="0" 		Width="1" 	Height="700"></Element>
          <Element ID="Box_01_Empty_TopBorder" 	X="1" 		Y="0" 		Width="848" 	Height="1"></Element>
        <Element ID="HiddenDragBox_DragBar" 	X="0" 		Y="0" 	Width="850" 	Height="20"></Element>
        <Element ID="HiddenDragBox_TitleText" 	X="148" 	Y="0" 	Width="254" 	Height="20"></Element>
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