Thought I would share this while the server are still down. This is for my High Elf Hunter:

My memory stretches back to a time before the Sun and the Moon. Wandering countless paths of the Blessed Realm in great Glory and Bliss. Of Tirion and the words of Feanor. Eagerly did we heed his words, great glory did we seek, foolishly did we depart. Coming late to joined battle, though no blood did I take at the Kinslaying. Cursed I remain.

Alas Feanor. Alas fair Valinor.

Of fair Gondolin with shining towers tall and paved ways of hewn marble. Glorious Warriors and Maidens fair. Of its fall, I witnessed brave Ecthelion who did battle with the Balrog where both perished in flame and the waters of the fountain below the Palace of Turgon. Separated by hordes of enemies and rising steam, I could not come to thine aid. 

Alas Ecthelion. Alas fair Gondolin.

So too do I remember Celebrimbor, seeker of knowledge, marked by pride. Thou wouldst outwit Sauron, Base Master of Lies. Though Sauron did deceive us all, my friend Celebrimber, thou hast paid the price for thy folly. Only by wisdom and grace of Lord Elrond did we survive those perilous days when the Dark Lord did triumph over the Noldor.

Alas Celebrimbor. Alas fair Eregion.

My Lord Gil-Galad bade pressing charge to save mine kinsman, brave Thelaron. I could not. Foul wraith did part us with piercing blade. The Shadow I feel still. Where doest thou roam Thelaron? Be it here or the Abyss?

Gil-Galad, thy sacrifice was not in vain. Though many years lie between thine and Saurons end, his fall was great. Our final victory, long delayed, near complete. Rest well my King.

Soon shall I depart. Through the long years, time gathered, well spent. Few adventures remain, soon to sail with my kin, never to return.

Alas fair Middle-Earth.