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    Class Suggestions for Creeps

    Hey, just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas.
    I think it would be cool if they added another creep class. Freeps have more classes and races and stuff but creeps have kept the same. I understand things won't work out too well if they did add a new creep class, as they would all be low ranks and stuff like that, but I still think it would be fun. I have thought about barrow wrights/undead and feel it would be sweet if we could have like a wight warrior or something like that. I am not sure how it would relate to one of the current freep classes though, but I think it could. It could be a secondary reaver that is different from the current reaver and bring different assets to the table, perhaps more aoe focused or raw damage as reaver is not fully focused on damage, its dps sucks, and they are not reworking it any time soon (and yes, they are not going to add a class like this anytime soon either, I just wanted to give my opinion on reavers). I also like the idea of something like a fell aura that all the undead mobs have. Some, its like a dot, others it silences or brings dread.
    Creeps also need like a sorcerer kind of class because the only magic they really have is defiler, and it is mostly heals. There are no ranged magic dps classes for creeps and I think it would be really cool if there were some. It would bring more players to creepside/moors. We need something to counter rk and red mini. Some of the only ideas I have right now are like hillmen/angmarim kind of guys, but then again it doesn't match up to the 'creep'/'monster' kind of genre. Carguls and gaunt lords sound cool, but it seems difficult to implement them into the current style of pvmp, primarily creepside. Same goes for like a mini rogmul, although that would be legit. Undead spirit? Goblin sapper? Black numenorean like Mordrambor? I just think there needs to be a dps focused magic class for creepside.
    Oathbreakers! who doesn't want an oathbreaker? They could fit any class that you need as they were pretty much normal people, just ghosts now.
    Here is another crazy idea: mini gorthorogs. Like the smaller kind that are around 2.6 meters tall or something. Then they have the maces that they just swing around, including a stationary constant mace slam attack that is similar to the one of the first boss in the rift (who was a gorthorog), that is also similar to the beorning bear skill where they stand up and swing their paws (don't play beorning, sorry).
    What do you guys think about making the troll a playable class, like not a huge giant troll, but something more smaller and functional.
    I also want more skins, pre-Rohan stuf that has shadows of Angmar models. The pre-Rohan uruk models are my favorite, not the osgiliath/Mordor kind (The newer Uruks). The same goes for wargs (minus the ones in the vales of anduin) and Orcs. If you want some suggestions I could give some: The Uruks in the rift raid (Og Shadows of Angmar), and some more blogmal orcs for reavers (the blue skinned ones, there is only one model I believe and that is rank 11 reaver skin).
    Also, when are we gonna get skins for 11-12 year accounts? As far as I know, there are only skins for those with 10 year and 9 year accounts ( I am talking about the skins you purchase with tokens which you get from your account age. For example, if your account is 10 years old, you get a 10 year token as a monster player, for each character. If you are a warg, you use your token to buy a skin. These are the kinds of skins I am talking about). There also has to be a way to get sigils, primarily greater sigils, some other way besides lootboxes. The keys are too expensive and the boxes drop trash most of the time. If you guys (SSG) still want to keep the p2w model in creepside, can you at least provide a way for us to get the skins that you buy from greater sigils without the sigils themselves?
    All I got to say right now, will probably cough up some more dumb ideas although the sigil skin thing I just said was the best thing of this post and is not that dumb imo. Thank you for reading

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    Sorry it isn't indented, it was while I was writing the post



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