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    Haunted House - Landroval

    Since it is Harvestmath, numerous Haunted Houses have invited groups to tour. One unfortunate group of 13 Stoors dared each other to go to a Kinship House at 2 Frothing Road, Skeggrof, Thorins Homestead, Landroval. (Looking at the map, it is in the upper left corner) All that's left of them are 13 pairs of Stoor boots. No one knows what happened to them. Perhaps they got eaten (perish the thought). Or perhaps, shook so hard from fear that their boots shook off their feet and they made it out somehow or through a Mysterious Door. No one knows. But, one woman is in the house trying to figure it out and she's getting a little too close to something that could be dangerous. She needs your help and I dare you to walk in the Stoors' shoes, figuratively, and find all 13 pair. (If you wish to play, use the "n" key to eliminate overhead names.)
    A number of items will do something when you "use" them. I suggest you "use" the book that is to the right when you walk in. (It will add atmosphere.) Otherwise, you'll have to check which items will do something. But, I will give one warning, using a Mysterious Door is dangerous for some and if anyone uses one, they will not be able to finish the tour in one try.
    Some things may be more visible on your way out. Also, it may appear that some areas are inaccessible, however, you should be able to reach everywhere if you try hard enough.

    Sorry no pics. Better to come see for yourself. And Thanks in advance for visiting!

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    I hear this haunted house is amazing, and I hope to check it out in the near future.
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    You are welcome anytime. The Haunted House will be open for quite some time.

    Only one person has found all 13 pairs of boots that I know of. It's a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    I hear this haunted house is amazing, and I hope to check it out in the near future.
    I foresee that +Cord of the Rings on Friday may shed some light on it

    PS. Just visited the house, and it is well-worth a visit. Cheers.
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    Incredible! Simply unreal - everyone must make the trek to see this house. Amazingly well done!
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    Thank you so much for the compliments!!!
    It took a long time to put together. So, I am very glad people are enjoying it.

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    I AM SO EXCITED!!! This is freaking awesome! I'm going to come check this out today

    I made a haunted Maze for the harvestmath too! I've been waiting since the damn spring to open it for the festival. Along with my 'Creepy corner of Cornacre'. I didn't think about posting on the forums as I don't use the forums often but I made a post today, I hope you can come check it out too!

    Finding other decorators that do similar stuff is so FUN to me! DECORATORS UNITE!!

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    I will come! I promise that it will be by tomorrow.
    It is fun to talk to other decorators and see their work. I can't wait to see what you have done.

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    Just finished admiring your place. It's just absolutely fantaaaaaastic! I've been told I'm pretty well known on Gladden for my houses now, so I'll be bugging people to come seeeeee this! As a decorator, it's such a great feeling when you know people are enjoying your creations. There were at least 3 other people there when I was! SUPERB JOB!!! Only another 365 days till Halloweeeeeeen!

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    Wonderful house! I just finished poking around - and I had a blast hunting the boots. Kudos to you and a well-earned housing trophy
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    I want to thank Cord for featuring the Haunted House on the stream yesterday. I appreciate the Best House in the Neighborhood award given to me.
    I also, want to thank everyone who has visited and enjoyed it. It will be open for the foreseeable future.

    I also appreciate other decorators who have graciously shown me their houses and am amazed at all the wonderful and creative ways they have used the decorations. It isn't easy. Many hours have been spent getting things just right. It isn't a matter of just plopping something down and there you have it. Working with the hook system presents challenges that are frustrating when you hit a limit on where something can move and try to figure out the least disruptive way to handle your problem. Sometimes, you need to move many of the other pieces of the puzzle around to find the hook that allows you to get it just right.



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