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    Treats and Trickery 2019

    Hello Evernightians!

    I have once again set up my neighborhood with treats for all.

    All home are located in the Naping, Bree area:
    6 Long Street: Honey Bears
    2 Garden Street: Mad Baggins Gold
    3 Garden Street: Jam Tarts
    4 Garden Street: Ent-Bark
    1 Fountain Street: Apple Goblins
    2 Fountain Street: Marshmallows
    3 Fountain Street: Liquorice Twists
    4 Fountain Street: Mint Turtles

    Bring your best outfits and have fun!

    Please, if others have treats set up for our Evernight folks please post them too. Better to have more options and visit more places!

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for this!
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    Many thanks as well.

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    I have mint turtles at 1 Twinfall Path, Celon-i-Thynd, Falathlorn. And help yourself to a drink from the keg in my house too

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    Keggggg! omw!

    PS: Very nice of you friends! Cheers
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal



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