Sorry but I am a bit confused here.

I know that you can have embers or motes or figments up to 10,000 on each server. You can also have skirmish marks on each server and many other currencies on each server and get more far in excess of any weekly limits by getting them on different servers.

I don't recall *ever* seeing anything from Turbine or SSG saying that any of these currencies were intended to be aggregated on a game-wide basis.

Very few things are looked at on a game-wide basis - in fact the only thing that comes to mind is LOTRO points.

This post is *not* intended to quarrel with anything Cordovan said. I believe firmly in enforcing the rules and punishing exploits as harshly as appropriate. But can someone point me towards an official statement as to what currencies a player can legitimately have on each server up to that server's limits and what currencies a player cannot legitimately have more than a specified total of on all servers combined? So that I know what the rules are and can follow them.

I consider myself highly lawful-good. I follow rules. But when I had 10,000 embers on server X and then a newish character got 100 embers on server Y it never even crossed my mind that this was an exploit since this is simply the way so many currencies seem to work, Each server independent of the others.