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    Resourses not visible since last update "Iron Hills"

    I was looking on the forums but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to open this thread, hoping to find an answer:
    Since the update "Dwarf-Holds" I have the problem, that resources like iron, wood or artifacts are only visible in the landscape, if I stand in the right angle to this resources. If I turn my char just a little bit, the resource disappears. This problem occurs only in the areas of the Dwarf-Holds and in the Vales of Anduin. In the other regions the resources are perfectly visible (all previous areas including Dale, Mirkwood and Erebor).
    So my question is: is this happening to others too and/or is this behavior intended?
    I've tried all different kind of settings on the graphics (all directX versions, other settings from low to very high) but the behavior does not change at all.
    Is this a graphic bug? Or does anyone not have this problem at all?

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    Happens to me too. I just assumed it was intended and started using the tracking radar rather than spotting resources at long distances. Might be an unintentional bug. You could always /bug it in-game or using Submit a Bug link at the top of forum.

    The ability to sometimes see them out of the corner of your eye, as it were, has always been around in LOTRO. I often see stealthed creatures and things that are supposed to be hidden or in a different phase in my characters' peripheral vision.
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    On Belegaer, someone complained that he could see only nodes when standing right on top of them. Another player replied with an odd proposal: Reduce the viewing distance of frills (if I remember correctly, it was frills). I was definitely confused by the applied logic; but the first player didn't come back with a message like 'didn't work at all', so maybe it is worth a try.

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