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    More denial from Market place

    After contacting my credit card companies directly and my PayPal account, they both verbally tell my they can see the request for the expansion of $39.99 being charged and approved on their ends of the transaction.
    So I now know for a fact it is neither my PayPal nor my credit cards that are causing the denial for payment.

    It is the Lord of the Rings Market that is denying the transaction!

    Can someone please help me???

    This is supposed to be a gift for a friend for her birthday!!
    I have written down order number and tried to research, as your request.
    After filling in information as your request.
    It is still denying me!

    You cant purchase the expansion on the in game store.
    Also I don't want the expansion added to my account, I already have it, I need the code for the friend to input into their account.

    WHY cant the LOTRO Market unlock My name, IP address, or what ever it is that is keeping me from purchasing through the store outside the game?????????????????????????? ????????
    Corn Is Lore appropiate!!

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    trying to buy the morgul expansion tho store denying my mastercard, there are enough money in my account !
    lotr enthousiast since 1996, 12 years lotro player, lifetimer, Loyal member of the Spartans Kinship, now in Evernight imigrants from Eldar

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    Do they care?

    Im beginning to think they don't give a flip about our money going into their pockets!


    I have to put in a ticket everyday to get this problem taken care of??

    It is not my side that is denying payment it is the LOTRO MARKET

    Do you even want to sell the expansion to people??

    I AM GETTING *&^%$#%%^&*((&%$%#%&*&*&^&%^

    Do you get it??
    Corn Is Lore appropiate!!



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