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    Hs the old stuck bagpipe bug returned

    I had it happen tonight (and hadn't seen it in years) and 3 others that I know of, had issues. Had to go inside the pony and back out to make the drone sound stop. Anyone else noticing a recurrence of this???
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    Hi Tearna!

    Yes, the stuck bagpipe note bug has returned with a vengeance.

    In truth, it never completely went away, but after the audio driver update it occurs much more often. It happens most often in fast-paced songs, especially rock music.

    As the pipes are used to fill many different roles by bands in LotRO, people running in and out of buildings or relogging has become a common sight at concerts and events.
    Masonis (Landroval - The Lonely Mountain Band)

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    Yup, annoyin' bagpipes drone stuck is back.

    Music system is becoming very sensitive...
    We could even cause the bagpipes bug with no bagpipes but only Misty Mountain Harp and fast notes.



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    Quote Originally Posted by zedrock View Post

    Yup, annoyin' bagpipes drone stuck is back.

    Music system is becoming very sensitive...
    We could even cause the bagpipes bug with no bagpipes but only Misty Mountain Harp and fast notes.



    Yeah. Several players had to re-log at Winterfest. It's just that one note that drones on forever and ever...
    Would be nice to have it fixed before Winterstock.
    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow

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    Just a gentle nudge, because I and also my fellow music players, have noticed an increase in cases of stuck instrument sounds ever since there were changes made to the sound engine a while ago.

    At every music event I have visited recently I had at least one case, but often more cases, of bagpipes getting stuck on an infinite replay loop. At loud volumes too! The only way of solving it seems to be a relog, which is a pain if you get this when playing music for an audience!

    This used to be a bug several years ago, but it seems more erratic now!

    I hope a sound dev can find some time to have a look into this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedrock View Post

    Yup, annoyin' bagpipes drone stuck is back.

    Music system is becoming very sensitive...
    We could even cause the bagpipes bug with no bagpipes but only Misty Mountain Harp and fast notes.


    Please fix this drone bug.

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    the Gondamon Rockfest went on this weekend and the drone bug is alive and well ..climbing into one ear after another

    It happened to me repeatedly and folks all around were re-logging and complaining about how this annoyance is occurring more often and affecting more players

    Can the sound people give this more attention ..please?

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    The bag bug is baaaad.

    I too attended the Gondamon event and experienced the bag bug a few times. Though it seems to be an easy temporary fix to filter the bug once the music stops, it tends to ruin the experience and the enjoyment of listening to fine music from many who have put many hours into their performances. Also, I think what becomes a huge problem is when one is playing music and experiencing the bug, and those who live stream and are getting the bug. This seems to be an ongoing problem that should be addressed my the Devs.
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    I have submitted bug reports in the past, providing specific examples of drone sounds, with film attachments. Later this week I will do another detailed bug report showing the sounds I had to eliminate this past weekend.

    Just to give some context as to how dreadful this is for the music community and their music-loving friends, I filmed every band performing this past weekend at Gondamon Rock Night. The opening host band developed an appalling drone (on my filming client, my only sound) during their epic Child of Time by Deep Purple. I had to go into filter while filming and I couldn't find the culprit. I even took screen shots of the sounds during the drone events, wondering where the culprit was. I thought I had already filtered out any chronic drone sounds that didn't drop notes on my filmer's account. Later I had to do extensive editing of this and four other band performances to remove my disruptive efforts at eliminating the sound (which finally meant relogging in three of the cases). It was really frustrating and anxiety-inducing to have this come up again. The fourth time it happened, I found the drone sounds were finally showing up in the filter recording. Having to film through a drone is a highly unpleasant experience, plus a lot of extra work in ultimate film production. One of the very special things about LOTRO is the music system--LOTRO is renowned for its music system. We are dedicated Middle-earth lovers who want to keep playing and enjoying our music. We are a player base that matters, I firmly believe, and we are not limited to just music--we engage in multi-faceted Middle-earth activities, questing, raiding, festivals and more.

    Many of us contribute to the well-being of LOTRO in mutliple ways. But it is the music that matters most, for many of us. I sincerely hope this will be given a higher priority, very soon.

    Thank you so much for listening!

    --Hollyberye of The Lonely Mountain Band, The Andune Ensemble, and active on multiple servers
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    The bagpipe bug

    On the Gondamon-Rock-Night we always had the bagpipe bug in our ears ... in German we would say: alle nasenlang!!!!
    He also broke our beautiful video that Miss Holly was filming because the bug appeared in the middle of the song and Miss Holly had to log out ...
    Please please fix the bug finally and for good ...
    Thank you in advance, Mondbarden

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    The sustained note (Dauerton) we get from the bagpipes is, as I see it, because it's capable of playing a long-lasting note in the lower spectre. As "real" bagpipes can do.
    The bagpipes in LotRo are not "real" and they can/will cause issues for us all with that sustained note. It's very annoying.

    As I see it, there are a couple of things that can be done to fix it:
    1) Put a pressure on SSG to remove the bagpipes' ability to play a low pitched sustained note.
    2) Don't use the bagpipes for lower notes in abc's.
    3) Don't use the bagpipes at all for abc's.

    Don't know about you, but I'd vote for number 1.
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    I thought this bug was once corrected, now the looping sound is appearing again and more often than ever.
    What a disaster at the Gondamon Rock Night.
    My experience of game is ruined by this very annoying bug.
    I really hope that the dev team will correct this bug very soon *cheers*

    KapATeK aNaHuaC!

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    the bug appears regularly, sometimes more often, sometimes less often. sometimes a single note stucked, sometimes whole chords - and not the beauty ones

    today i had problems with it five times during an event (about 2 hours). please fix this bug.

    thanks in advance!

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    I found a fix that seems to be working for me tonight. Tonight is the third night that I've played this week on Crickhollow, and it's been affecting me all week.

    I'm running an eight-player band on my laptop, it's an Asus with 32 gig of RAM, so it runs fairly well. I run my band leader in position #1 normally at master volume 100%, ambient/UI/player music volume around 50%. Everyone else master volume at zero. I run #1 at medium graphics so things are at least somewhat pretty. Everyone else is lowest resolution graphics, facing the ground, zoomed in maximum, master volume zero.

    Tonight the bug hit almost immediately. I tried something different and over 3 hours later I'm still good. First instance: Master volume, 100%, Ambient and UI volume 100%, player music and all others 0%. One of the later instances: Master volume, 100%, player music volume 100%, all others zero. All other instances are still master volume zero. I figure if the F2P instance bugs out, I'll zero it and activate another: I have six more to go! It wouldn't help if I were recording, but it's good enough for playing - for now.

    I can still here the ping of someone sending me a tell on my main account, I get the music from another account, and thus far, no bug!


    UPDATE: After six hours of playing, the alt bugged. Turned off master volume on it, switched to another alt. Played for another hour. It's not a fix, but if you're multi-boxing an entire band on one PC or laptop, it's a decent workaround. And my main, Theabromine, was still bugged at the end of play. I've had it spontaneously clear before, but not tonight.


    Theabromine & Panne (or Paane) on Crickhollow, Landroval, and other servers
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    I have not had this bug for months, and I have played music almost every day in lotro with 8 chars.

    This is my workaround:

    1 - Use 64bit client
    2 - Set "Focus loss behavior" to "Disable sound"

    Point 2 has the added benefit when playing with multiple chars that you only hear music from the client that is in focus. (And the negative effect that if you task-switch away from LOTRO to another Win app that you do not hear LOTRO at all)
    Aifel of Laurelin



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