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    My favorite hidden RP class.

    Had a little internal debate with myself as to which spot would be the best for this post and ended up here. I have been playing this game for many years on and off with a high majority of it in a semi RP state of mind. That is I play imaging not all those that adventure are top tier individuals that are capable of great feats, sometime it is just a normal folk doing their thing in the world. I have also never made it to the end content or have come close to hitting level cap as the extension of myself in this world has been, a high majority of the time, wandering around under the rule of 'One life to live'. The highest I have made it before suffering my first death was around level 45 - 47 and then passing my beloved belongings and wealth to the next in line.

    I have always enjoyed finding a little something different in a game and building a story and play style around it. To me the enjoyment is being off the beaten path and one of the things I like about this community is the strength and acceptance of such a style of play. My other favorite was the creating missions on the Foundry from STO (Star Trek Online) before the developers removed it from the game but that is a story for another time and a different forum. With that all said I have updated this game after about a two months or so break and decided to get back into it a fresh on the Landroval. Also wanted to give a shout out to the player created newspaper 'The Landy Lately' as I do hope is does come back as I did enjoy reading it and also for a brief time writing about the adventures of my Race of Man Burglar.

    Now on to the title of my post, My favorite hidden RP class.

    The Hill-men

    You start of by choosing the Beorning class/race and then switch to Man Form right away as the game automatically starts you off in Bear Form. I am not sure why they choose this as Sterkist is in Man form but it is what it is.

    Next comes the appearance as the allowable armour is Light, Medium and Heavy. While it is true that you can hide what you are actually wearing with the cosmetics I personal felt it was breaking the feeling so I never equipped Heavy Armour and then hid the look as it felt like cheating. Hill-men have mainly been portrayed as wearing more minimalist armour that had a fur/hide feel to it with the usual exception of a metal helm that could have some type of horns attached to it and occasionally with a wooden shield with some metal on it to help hold it together. The shield part is not really of a concern as it's use is not allowed and I personally think that this is something that should be addressed and the use of a normal shield should be added to the class/race. All this is supported by lore on the Dunlendings and the appearance of a lot of the Hill-men in the game. Also do not forget the coloured facial markings under Details in the creation menu if you want that extra flare to the appearance.

    The Weapon Proficiencies are a good match to start with and this basically comes down to personal choice. I have always gone with the Spear or the Axe as it just feels right over something like a Club but I will have to admit my aversion to the Club is based solely on the fact I do not like how they look in the game. The only weapon that I do not think is appropriate is the Dagger as I just can not get my head around to accepting that this would be the weapon of choice to pull out as you let out a battle cry before rushing into battle.

    So now we move on to the skills of what you can do to achieve this style of play. One of the many reason that the Beoring race/class is the basis of this is because of Wrath which by definition is anger/rage that builds up over time during combat which fits perfectly within the realm of the Hill-men in my opinion. Based on the game mechanics the general principle is that you build Wrath in Man Form and use it in Bear Form and this greatly limited by the fact as a Hill-men you can not assume another form. All is not lost as there are some aspects that allow you to benefit from Wrath in Man Form. Of course these are few but works nicely with my above comment of sometimes we are just common folk and not legends wandering the world.

    So it should go without saying that any skill that is marked 'Skill Type: Man Form' in the description is good to go and any marked 'Skill Type: Bear Form' should immediately removed from your UI and forget that it even exists to the end of time. Where it does get a little more tricky is the ones that are marked 'Skill Type: Any Form' as these ones you have to be careful as they can have undesirable result, such as Wanderlust automatically putting you into Bear Form. Outside of that you have to think about does this really fit because you want it to or do you play to what fits. A good example of this would I think it would be perfectly fine for a Hill-men to know the recipe to bake a Honey-cake but would not have the ability to speak with other creatures like the Beorning can to command and allow the use of 'Bee Swarm' skills.

    Maybe over time I will update this post with a better list of what is allowed for skills, amour and such to provide more firm boundaries to what is acceptable use but that was not the purpose of the first writing. I merely wanted to talk about what is my favorite hidden class within the game. I hope you find it at the very least to be interesting reading and concept.
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